Kodi Download: How to Install Kodi VPN to Android Without Root

How to Install Kodi Add-on for Android TV or smartphone without any need of root…

Kodi is wonderful app and now when we can install it’s VPN add-on to Android devices, the good time begins. The most important thing is, you can install Kodi VPN on your Android device without Root it.

Kodi is used to watch movies, TV shows and other online content, right. If you’ve installed Kodi on your Android TV and didn’t connect it to your Google play store, you don’t want that Google access that linking with your account. So here most probably, you’d love to install Kodi VPN to avoid that linking for safe side.

Today, I’d show you how you can download VPN add-on for Kodi to your Android device without rooting it. This add-on would avoid any connection with your Google account and makes your account safe without disturbing your regular life with Kodi.

If you’re looking for Kodi VPN, then most probably, you’d have already installed Kodi Android app, and now you’d need VPN add-on for it. Follow below steps that would help you to download it on your Android TV or smartphone.

  1. Open Kodi installation and find out File Manager within it. Here, you want to add Source to Kodi.
  2. In the box of URL to add source, you want to add http://kobra24.com/kobra-repository
  3. You will be asked to enter name of the repository, add .kobra and then press OK.
  4. Now again go to home screen of the app Kodi and now you may want to select Add-on and try to install from Zip file.
  5. Here you want to choose .kobra source to search that zip file that have VPN add-on. So, search and choose repository.kobra-1.0.3.zip.
  6. Kodi would install that add-on for you and ask you to follow next step.
  7. Now, you’d install Kodi Installer from that repository. Once you installed Kodi Installer, you would need to install Kodi VPN from that installer app.
  8. Install Kodi VPN and complete the installation process.

Actually this is too simple process of installing Kodi VPN add-on, however, you found any issue, trouble or query, you can comment below and I’m here to help you.