How to Solve Youtube Comments Not Showing

YouTube comments not showing or appearing when you load a video? Do this…

  1. Check your Internet connectivity
  2. Try Indigo Mode to verify how it loads for other users
  3. Try family account to check comments status
  4. Clear cache and if possible disable ad blocker if you’ve enabled it.

Technical errors and glitches will be always there, but that doesn’t mean we as a user can’t fix those temporarily errors ourselves. YouTube is a very well-known multimedia platform where thousands of videos have been uploaded daily. Millions out of millions of comments are being posted on videos. For any reason, if comments are not loading or showing then we can try some basic steps to see if it starts working again.

99% time if comments are not showing up on Youtube, the issue is from the user side. And, this can be fixed within a minute following some basic steps mentioned above. We’ll discuss those steps in detail below.

You may start experiencing that when you’re loading any YouTube page, comments are not showing or loading up. Most of the time even after reloading the page still comments don’t come up automatically. This is a wired case and it shouldn’t happen normally. As I said above, this is user side issue then we as a user can only fix it in various ways mentioned below.

YouTube Comments: Internet not working

Check your Internet connection

If you’re using iPhone or Android device, turn the internet connection or Wi-Fi On & Off once. Try loading the YouTube video page to see if comments are showing or not. Sometimes if the internet is not working properly, some resources on YouTube won’t load up correctly.

One can see turning off WiFi router once or mobile operator data network and turn it On again. Verify, whether the internet is okay or not. Now, check the status of the page. If still, YouTube comments not showing, you can try other steps.

Try loading comments on Incognito mode

Once Verify the comment status for other users using Incognito Mode

Many times, it is our account which is blocking some resources and to verify this issue, we can take the help of Incognito Mode to verify whether it is you who doesn’t get YouTube comments or others are also not able to see comments when they load the page.

So, use Incognito mode and once try loading the same page there. If comments are loading there, it means some resources are blocked on your account and privacy settings.

Use Family Account to see whether YouTube comments are showing or not

Alternative to Incognito mode, you can try loading the same comment page on your family member’s smartphone or computer. This will ensure that it is not only you who is not able to see YouTube comments. If YouTube comments not showing on your family member’s account too, it means there is some issue with the YouTube page. Report it.

Still, YouTube Comments not Showing?

You can try a few other steps to fix the YouTube comments loading issue.

Check YouTube comments after clearing cache files

Clear Cached Version

YouTube tends to fix issues within minutes or hours. Suppose, even after trying all other options to load comments, still YouTube comments not showing, it means there’s something with YouTube’s part. They fix the glitch and issues very fast.

You’ll need to clear YouTube cookies and cache files to see if the issue has been fixed or not. Most probably after clearing the cache, YouTube comments will start appearing.

Update Software

Also, check if you’ve current version of the app version is installed or if you’re using a computer, check if you’ve installed the latest version of the operating system?! Sometimes, YouTube has fixed the issue in the latest version of the software and you’re still using older ones so that YouTube comments not showing on your account.

After disabling Extensions, check Youtube comments showing

Disable Browser Extension

I must tell you once try disabling all extensions installed on your browser. 50% of the time, these browser extensions block some resources from YouTube comment pages as well as other website data. Try disabling any Adblocker extension or application installed on your computer or smartphone.

Also clear cache after disabling such extension installed on your browser. See YouTube comments are showing or still not loading up after doing all this.


YouTube is a very famous multimedia platform, they actively listen to user comments, feedback and bug reports. Try reporting the issue to them, they’ll try hard to fix it.

Meanwhile, you should share your experience, why YouTube comments were not showing on your computer or smartphone and what have you done to fix it?

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