Yalu11 vs PanGu11: Which iOS 11 Jailbreak is Best for iPhone – PanGu or Yalu

PanGu iOS 11 Jailbreak vs Yalu iOS 11 Jailbreak: Which tool would you use to install Cydia iOS 11 on your iPhone?

I think this is most interesting and disturbing question for you if both teams have released a jb solution for iOS 11. But, that is not the case in reality because if one team has released the tool, other team would wait for it’s turn and he won’t release a tool for the same firmware.

We’ve seen in the past that suppose, TaiG jailbreak team has released a untethered tool for iPhone for any firmware then PanGu waited for the next possible firmware and PanGu didn’t released any untethered tool for the same firmware and this is just a regular discipline followed by these security research teams to release their respective jailbreak tools.

Apple is ready to fire it’s shot with the combination of iPhone 8 iOS 11. Currently, iOS 11 beta released publicly and it’s on the final stage to become stable version. Still, Apple is adding new and new features and design change with each and every new firmware update whether its iOS 11 beta.

PanGu11: Jailbreak iOS 11 PanGu

Even if iOS 11 is in beta stage, users get excited installing iOS 11 and when they finally installed iOS 11, how can they live without jailbreak iOS 11 and Cydia iOS 11! We all are waiting patiently for PanGu jailbreak which is I think most trustable and stable jailbreak tool. PanGu iOS 11 is most expected to come out this year followed by PanGu iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.3 just like previous firmware series.

The well talented PanGu team knows how important iOS 11 update is. They don’t want to take any chance for releasing PanGu11 this time. They’ve already prevent release for the iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak because they think that they can jailbreak 11 too.

They’ve something and we’re sure about it and thus no jailbreak release so far for the latest firmware. But suppose, they’re unable to jailbreak iOS 11, then surely, you’d get iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak.

Yalu11: Jailbreak iOS 11 Yalu

This Chinese team has great past in terms of jailbreak release for the series of iOS 10. They’ve released almost two constant release of tethered and semi tethered jailbreak tools for iOS 10.

As far as iOS 11 is concerned, Luca made a statement that he won’t work on this firmware, but we think that if there would be anything that is jailbreakable, then he won’t stop him salves to make and release Yalu11 with the focus of jailbreak iOS 11.

Right now, Yalu is not the part of any working tool for iOS 11, however, the last jailbreak which is iOS 11.1.2 released by Luca with the code name of Yalu102. If you’re still on iOS 11.1.2, you can download Yalu102 for sure.

KeenLab iOS 11 Jailbreak

This is third most expected jailbreak team who can really make iOS 11 untethered tool with Cydia iOS 11.

They’ve already demonstrated a tool for iOS 11 jailbreak with Cydia successfully. This is clear signal that they’ve some ability to release the tool for the latest firmware.

Suppose, if PanGu or Yalu failed to release iOS 11 jailbreak, then KeenLab would be the third most expected and trusted security research team who can jailbreak11.

If you’re really waiting and hoping for iOS 11 jailbreak, you can surely look out KeenLab too.


  1. Radha says:

    Does PanGu 11 tool work on iOS 10.3.3? I’m concerned about it because I’ve plan to purchase iPhone 7 that runs on iOS 10.3.3. Please confirm about jailbreak stats using Yalu 11 or PanGu 11 tool for iPhone 7

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