Yalu iOS 10.3 Jailbreak: Updated On 1 Feb 2017

Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.3, coming for iPhone 7 too…

Everybody is talking about Yalu jailbreak that is available for recently released firmwares. Now, the team is looking forward to publish most advanced untethered jbreak iOS 10.3 for iPhone 7 because i7 was missing in the support list of previous jailbreak.

Luca has done a great job along with the support from Saurik who has upgraded Cydia for the tool available. iOS 10.3 has more new features and Apple is trying to make their own Apple File System which would make whole process of jailbreaking more hard.

Still Yalu iOS jailbreak is not stable but if they release iOS 10.3 jailbreak, it would encourage more and more users to download and install on their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Pro which are most possible devices to get support at this point.

However, Luca was failed to make Yalu as stable version of previous jailbreak tools even after several beta updates released. But at the end, there is someone is able to release something unlike TaiG and PanGu who were failed to release any untethered solution for whole series of iOS 10 firmware update.

The current jailbreak is available for iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and iPhone SE which is quite surprising because iPhone 7 Yalu jailbreak isn’t available and iPhone 6 is also missing in the release note of Yalu tethered tool. Everyone is expecting full device support in the upcoming iOS 10.3 jailbreak compatible for Windows and Mac computers as well.

Should you wait for iOS 10.3 jailbreak or do it with the current one?

I think you should enjoy each and every release by Yalu if you’ve supported device. Yeah, you can skip and you don’t have any option other than that if you’ve iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 in your hand. We can expect those devices to be supported in jailbreak iOS 10.3 Yalu tool.

One more thing you should take care that Yalu is tethered tool and one should try it with his own risk as you’re trying beta build which can brick your iPhone or iPad at any point during the process of jailbreak 10.3.

Yeah, you can also wait for PanGu iOS 10.3 jailbreak which is also expected to come in the competition with Yalu. Cydia iOS 10.3 would be the same whether you use PanGu or Yalu or even TaiG untethered tool.

Luca who is developer of Yalu jailbreak is working hard to make it compatible for both Windows 10 and MacOS including the compatible devices such as iPhone, iPad and SE.

Update X1: Luca has done a great job releasing tethered jailbreak for iPhone and iPad. Now, you can use his Yalu tool to unlock iPhone running iOS 11.1.2. iOS 10.3 Jailbreak is coming within two months including iPhone 7.

Would you use iOS 10.3 jailbreak? Which is your favorite jailbreak team – PanGu or Yalu?


  1. guest says:

    Any updates?

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      Luca doesn’t have plan to release iOS 10.3 jailbreak. He didn’t even confirmed that he is working on iOS 10.3 or not! I’m also quite disappointed about the progress but ultimately you’ve iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad and you should wait for the next one that may come later this year.

  2. Joseph Coleman says:

    I thought that Jailbreak is already out but when I read all article I understood that Jailbreak 10.3 is not available for iPhone right now.

    Jailbreak iOS 10.3 is not a game and if you want to unlock your iPhone you need perfect exploit to use it to unlock your iPhone

    Cydia iOS 10.3 is also not available and you know that.

    • Rosetta William says:

      How to jailbreak IOS 10 3 using yalu Jailbreak?

      • Miracle girl says:

        Have you any tool to jailbreak your iPhone first you should get the tool and then ask about installing Cydia in his stuff out there for your iPhone

        • Joseph Coleman says:

          Cydia has nothing to do with jailbreak because its available for all firmware, but yes, you need to get permission using jbreak to install it. I hope you get it. iOS 10.3 has many new features so it would be great if you’d manage yourself installing Cydia app on your iPhone or jailbreak for iOS 10.3

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