Yalu iOS 11 Jailbreak: Luca is getting prepared to beat PanGu team

iPhone 8 and iOS 11, the combination of two new things are coming this fall…

Apple has already started discovering new features and testing these new features on completely new firmware iOS 11 on their test devices. This data has been captured by many big analytic companies.

Group FaceTime Calling is one of the most common and expected feature of iOS 11 that is under developing stage. Users have test iPhone devices are testing these features on their devices.

Apple is busy developing new features that can prevent jailbreak iOS 11, whereas Luca who is security researcher is busy in preparing him salves for the next possible war between PanGu and Yalu. Because, Luca don’t want to lose the market of jailbreak by losing their grip on whole community.

iOS 9 was only for PanGu when they released many great tethered and untethered jailbreak for iOS 9, whereas iOS 10 says completely different stories where Luca has released multiple jailbreak tools in form of Yalu in absence of PanGu. Absolutely same case happened twice now with PanGu and Luca.

While iOS 8 and iOS 9, there were TaiG and PanGu to war between. Now, the competitors have been changed. Luca and PanGu team working on releasing jailbreak for iPhone.

iOS 11 can be a great deal to watch in the future. One hand where Luca expressed not to work on future public jailbreak, PanGu silently testing things.

iPhone 8 would surly attract security researcher to jailbreak iOS 11 because the combination of iOS 11 and iPhone 8 may hit this fall.

Update: Luca has tweeted that he would still work on jailbreak for iPad and iPhone. Right now, he is busy developing Safari based iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak which can be released after iOS 10.3 release where they would see the exploit compatibility with iOS 10.3.

Update: A third party team is gonna release iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak for iPhone 4s and all other older devices that are stucked on iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak. If you’re on 9.3.5, you should keep your eye on this article, we’d update it soon when the tool is available.

Update: Before the last moment, iOS 10.4 is planned for release. Apple is silently testing their lab test devices on iOS 10.4 IPSW for older version of iPhones so that there won’t be any issue for higher end models for iOS 11 release. You could definitely expect iOS 10.4 jailbreak, read our latest report.

Would you jailbreak iOS 11 if it would available this fall?


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