What is the WPS Button on Router? Where to find, How to use it

The WPS button is a well-known thing for anyone dealing with the internet and WiFi router. And, in this age generation, we must agree on one point that everyone is using the Internet as well as a WiFi router. So, this is an obvious question: “What is a WPS Button on a WiFi Router?

Now obviously, you’ll want to know what is the use of this WPS button and how we can operate it? Don’t worry, I’m here to give all your question answers as well as tips regarding WiFi routers and this WPS thing.

What is the WPS button on WiFi Router?

I won’t confuse you with any technical words, I’ll try to simplify the process by which you’ll easily understand what is WPS Push Button and how to use it and where is it located on the WiFi router.

WPS Push button is a physical switch or you can say button on a Wi-Fi router. You just need to long-press it for a couple of seconds to activate it. Once you activated the WPS settings, it will be enabled for a minute or so.

Where is the WPS button located on Wi-Fi?

If your Wi-Fi router has the WPS push button feature, it will be located behind the router but not under or at the bottom. Most probably, it is seen new port connection and antenna location.


Don’t worry about it because you can read the WPS button on the switch so, there won’t be any confusion.

How to use the WPS Push Button of the Router?

You’ll need to long-press the WPS button and you’ll notice that after pressing long that button, a WPS LED light will start to blink. This function will be enabled for a minute almost so during that period, you’ll need to set up your smartphone or computer using this feature.

How to use WPS button on Wifi

It’s a whole different thing how to use the WPS button as the process depends on the device which you use, the operating system and many other things.

Simply, when you long-press push button, instantly use your smartphone or computer on which you want to connect and try to make a connection using the WPS button settings on your operating system.

WPS Push Button

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is exactly the WPS push button located?

You can simply look at the back of the router. It depends on the brand to brand because these days many Wi-Fi routers available from a wide range of companies like Verizon, Netgear, Tenda, Xfinity, Baton and many others. In all of these brands, this switch clearly has its name as “WPS Push Button“.

My Wi-Fi Router doesn’t have a WPS button, what can I do?

It may be possible that you’ve an older Wi-Fi router model. In all-new router, there’s a WPS function available, however, if your router doesn’t have that, you can use easily log in to router admin panel and configure it with better security.

What is WPS Button on Router

How I’ll know the WPS button function is enabled after long-press it?

Once you’ll long press the WPS button, the LED light for WPS will start blinking.

How I’ll know that this is the WPS button in my Wi-Fi router?

On the button, the Router maker company writes “WPS Push Button”, don’t worry.

Any other query?

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  2. There are countless Wifi routers available in the market. You so beautifully managed to show the exact purpose of WPS settings and how to use it. I was confused with this WPS/Reset button.

    My Wifi router was showing the WPS/Reset button. I’ve done setup for wireless wifi usage, now if I’ll use that WPS button to use the WPS option, will my other settings be reset as button says that.

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