WinterBoard iOS 13.5: The Best Cydia Themes Available on WinterBoard for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone

WinterBoard iOS 13.5: The Best Cydia Themes Available on WinterBoard for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone

Cydia store has some incredible apps and Winterboard is one of them. It supports themes. If you wanna install themes on iOS 13.5, you would have to install Winterboard iOS 13.5 first.

There are two apps which allows Cydia to install themes to iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

Winterboard and Dreamboard both are work similar, however since couple of months, Dreamboard doesn’t work, so there isn’t Dreamboard iOS 13.5 available.

What is Winterboard Themes?

This app created by Saurik, the same developer who created Cydia. Saurik is constantly working on Winterboard theme platform to support jailbreak community installing themes on iPhone or iPad. Winterboard themes are framework which allows jailbreak users to install Cydia themes.

Winterboard is just a framework that helps theme package to install on any jailbroken iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

How to Install Winterboard iOS 13.5

It can be installed only after jailbreaking. If you jailbreak iOS 13.5, you can install Winterboard iOS 13.5 on your iPad or iPhone.

If TaiG releases jailbreak iOS 13.5, you would have chance to get Winterboard themes on your iOS device.

Winterboard is developed and maintained by Saurik, so its available on his official repository which installed by default. Simply, you don’t need to add any repo source to install Winterboard for iOS 13.5.

So, once you jailbreak your iOS 13.5, simply head to Cydia and search any themes from ModMyi or ZodTTD repo source, and Winterboard would be automatically installed on your iPhone, iPad or whatever device you have.

Don’t forget to checkout couple of Best Winterboard Theme


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  2. Please list up free Winter board themes rather than app, all themes come with the installer, so just list up those themes rather than Winterboard iOS 13.5.

    1. Yeah, I also need top Winterboard themes for my iPad. I can pay you if you’d list up some very cool Cydia themes for free.

  3. Can I get best Winterboard themes for iPad?

  4. I love Winterboard themes. For the first time when I jailbroken my iPad, I had installed Dreamboard themes while installing a colorful theme on my iPad. There were a lot of bugs out there on Dreamboard, but since I installed Winterboard framwork, it works wonderfully on my iPad.

    I recently brought up iPad Air 2 runs on iOS 8.1.2 jailbroken and it works like a charm. I installed many Cydia tweaks and Winterboard is one of them. I love iPad themes. I tried almost every single themes out there on Cydia hosted and supported by Winterboard or Dreamboard.

    I love Eclipse, Aero and 3D transparent themes.

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