Where to find screenshot on Mac OS

How I find all my Screenshot on Mac…

  1. Press Cmd+F
  2. Finder app will be opened with search option.
  3. Tap on search icon and paste below command into it.
  4. kMDItemIsScreenCapture:1
  5. Now just press enter button of your keyboard.


Now, you’ll think how can I remember that long keyword to find screenshots on Mac? Will I need to note down that keyword for later use?! And so on. The purpose of above hack is to find all your screenshots saved anywhere from Mac come right on your finder app using above steps.

You should follow above steps if you have any screenshot and you’re unable to find it normally. Later on, I’ll show you how you can find screenshots and how you can change the default folder where Mac saves your screenshot files.

What happens when you take screenshot on Mac?

When you capture screenshot on Mac, it will be stored on Desktop by default. So, all the screenshots are saved automatically on Mac desktop. The issue is, you need to delete and clear them every time you capture screenshots. In many cases, if you’ve stored important screenshots for later use and forgot about the destination where you stored those screenshots, you’ll need to follow above steps.

To avoid this, you can configure default folder where screenshots can be saved. This way, when next time you take a screenshot, it will be saved on predefined space that can be easily find out on later use. I will show you how you can do that.

How to Change and choose default folder to save Screenshots on Mac?

As I said above that you should change the default place where Mac saves your screenshot. This will save a lot of time and your important screenshots to be vanished. Follow below steps to change it.

Find Screenshots on Mac

  1. Press Shift+Command+5 together on Mac keyboard.
  2. Screen recorder and capture toolbox will be appear like above screen.
  3. Tap on Options and choose default location where you want to save all your screenshots that you’ll take in future.

Done. Once you do that all your future screenshots and screen recording will be saved on your predefined place that you just configured in Mac system. Note, I’ve created folder named “Screenshots” on my Desktop and selected that using above steps so that all my screenshots will be saved on screenshot folder. I hope you understand the way I’ve done.

There’s many ways you can do that on your mac using Terminal app, spotlight and many other ways to find screenshots, but they’re not quick and straightforward.

Share your trick that you do to find your desire thing on your Mac

Use below comments form and tell me how you find your important stuff on your Mac. Furthermore, you can find some related articles that you can read and if your desire topic isn’t available here, you can ask me via comments and I’ll bring it as soon as possible.

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