WhatsApp++ for iPhone iOS 12.2: Get Two Account on a iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro is available for Download…

Update: Now, you can get WhatsAPP++ iOS 11 without jailbreak your iPhone 8 or any older device. WhatsAPP Plus iOS 11 is something specially designed app for iOS 11.1 and initial version of this firmware series, I mean iOS 11. Rather installing it on iOS 12.1.1 compatible version, you should move to iOS 11 version that can be installed without any help of Cydia at all.

The developers of WhatsAPP have managed the very popular messaging platform in a reputable way. They are trying to bring each and every necessary feature which they can bring.

It may have some missing features which can be fulfil if you’ve jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device. Yeah, I’m talking about WhatsAPP Plus Cydia tweak.

PanGu jailbreak iOS 12.1.1 has been successfully landed to iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 9.2 devices as well as iOS 12.1.1. You can install Cydia tweaks, jailbreak apps as well as Cydia themes and many other things.

WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone is a tweak that users using nowadays to enable hidden features of this popular messaging platform. If you’re one of them, you should at least read this article about WhatsAPP+ and recently they released WhatsAPP++ Cydia tweak too.

According to the developers, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPod Touch users can also enjoy WhatsAPP on their device if they can get WhatsPad and WhatsAPP iPA file on their device some way.


  • JB is most famous word in the community of Cydia and for those who have iPhone or iPad. You need to unlock your iPhone or iPad in order to install WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone or iPad. For that PanGu iOS 12.1.1 jailbreak is must.
  • Cydia installer iOS 12.1.1 is also required because without any installer or AppSync how would you put WhatsAPP plus on your device? So, use Cydia Subtract with PanGu jailbreak.
  • Cydia Sources are very important in order to get WhatsAPP Plus for free. WhatsAPPA+ tweak is hosted on various repos, you need one free version of working messenger app hack.

WhatsApp Plus Features

Take a look at detailed features of the tweak…

  • I agreed that WhatsAPP iOS 12.1.1 has all the necessary features and cool UI as well. However, WhatsAPP Plus brings ++ set of new features to the app. You can change background color, wallpaper, size of the font and many more.
  • Using WhatsAPP Plus, you can send unlimited number of files and it’s not the limit but you can transfer big size files too. With this option, you can send Zip, PDF and many great attachments with this Cydia tweak.
  • Stealth Mode: You may have heard about WhatsAPP Plus Stealth Mode. Yeah, you can hide yourself and may available as Stealth for people to whom you don’t want to answer.
  • In this regard, Disable Read Receipts is also a cool feature that would disable read icon and notification for those users who follow you on the messaging platform.
  • If you want you can disable Delivery Receipts too with Read Receipts to make your identity hidden and stealth.
  • Music Sharing, Voice Sharing and Video Sharing becomes very easy and convenient with WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, Android and iPad using various tweaks available on Cydia App Store and Google Play Store.
  • There are many hidden features available in WhatsAPP Plus like Cloning feature that clones WhatsAPP account and double account on the same device. It means, you can use two WhatsAPP account number on one device.
  • WhatsAPP Plus iOS 12.1.1 available with few more updates so you can download the best set of features from Cydia.

How to Install WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, iPod, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air

There are some really easy steps need to complete if you want WhatsAPP+ for iPhone or iPad…

  1. Jailbreak and install Cydia.
  2. Add a Cydia repo that contains WhatsAPP Plus.
  3. Download WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone.
  4. Install and reload Cydia data.
  5. Done

If you’re failed to activate WhatsAPP for some reasons or need two account on one device, there are some tricks to do this genuinely.

If WhatsAPP not working after installing WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad, you can comment below because wrong configuration of the tweak may break native messaging app on your iPad or iPhone.

Comments can be handy to bring solutions for fix.


  1. I want to open two numbers on whatsapp

    1. You can create dual WhatsAPP account using Parallel space an app for iPhone that allows users to create dual number account. Both account would work differently from each other.

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