Solved: Whatsapp Web Not working, QR Code not Loading, App Crashing

Whatsapp not working

Whether you’ve installed WhatsApp on iPhone, iPad or any Android smartphone like Samsung or Xiaomi or whatever, most of the time WhatsAPP Web not working issue occurs at key point when you really need this social media network on your PC or laptop.

I was personally trying WhatsApp Web since five days in hope that there may be a network issue so that its not working, QR Code not working not its appearing even once a time. I’ve tried my iMac that runs on MacOS and on laptop that runs on Windows 10 operating system, but no luck. Finally, I followed some steps and suddenly, WhatsApp web start working again like normal. I decided to share whole experience and would help you to solve individual issues that you’re facing while connecting WhatsApp Web version using computer or Google Chrome browser.

why is whatsapp not working

WhatsApp has made a great platform for social media users who can easily interact with their relatives, friends and other users using chat, video and voice call and they can connect immediately even on the go using iPhone or iPad. Additionally in recent time, the developers have made WhatsApp Web for computer users to access this social media platform on the bigger screen. They’ve now big keyboard to write even larger paragraphs to communicate with their friends.

Sometimes while connecting your iPhone to iMac or Windows for web version, users have noticed some issues including WhatsAPP Web QR code is not displaying or appearing or not working, users can fetch all the messages instantly or issues while connecting with other users using voice or video call. However, all of these issues can be easily fixed by following some very simple steps that normal users don’t aware of. I’m here to show you how you can fix those issues easily.

QR Code Scanning not working

Follow some initial steps that can solve WhatsApp Web QR Code Scanning not working issue

  1. Uninstall WhatsAPP Web from your computer and download most recent update from official website or from Apple App Store if you’re using MacOS or from Windows App Store if you’re using Windows operating system.
  2. If you’re using it on Google Chrome browser and WhatsApp Web not working, you should delete cookies related to this social media platform.
  3. Check internet connection or WiFi that is it working fine or not because most of the time due to connectivity issues, QR code doesn’t appear.
  4. If WhatsApp Web is not working using separate MacOS or Windows application, try connecting web version using Google Chrome browser.

I’m sure these steps would solve your common issues related to WhatsApp Web if its not working smoothly.

How to fix WhatsApp Web QR Code

If you’re still facing issues, follow some more steps mentioned below that I’ve done to solve QR Code not appearing and not working issue.

  1. To fix first of all, I disabled WiFi connection and checked out that internet connection is working okay or not. Once I verified that everything working okay, I took second step.
  2. I opened Google Chrome and then after failed attempt I opened Safari on my iMac and headed to
  3. Then I tapped on WhatsApp Web, I surprised that it was working now. But, I was now trying to use their Mac client app. So I tried to download MacOS WhatsApp web version because I had doubt that my downloaded version was old. So I downloaded a brand new latest version.
  4. After download, I replaced older WhatsApp Web version and reinstalled it with newer downloaded latest update.
  5. Once after successful installation, I opened it and this time QR Code was appeared. I enabled WhatsApp web from my iPhone and tried to connect with iMac WhatsApp Web version. Fortunately, everything worked normal.

This is how, I fixed WhatsApp Web not working issue. You can also comment and ask me about anything related to QR code or chatting issues.

Note: WhatsApp Web Voice call or video call is not exist. The developers are planning to include this functions to web version too, but it would take time.

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