Weatherboard, VirtualHome, ReDock, CallBar Cydia Tweaks for iPad, iPhone

There has been updated Cydia tweaks on AppStore for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The tweaks list includes CallBar, WeatherBoard, ReDock and Virtual Home Cydia apps.

The tweaks which has been added in above list, are quite new and updated for the latest jailbreak for iPhone and iPad. With new jailbreak tool, Winterboard not working and many other things not working and as alternatively, there are couple of Cydia tweaks available which can be installed.

Weatherboard theme is alternative to Winterboard which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So, if Winterboard not working on your iPhone or iPad, you can download Weatherboard and get a new weather theme on your device.

Same like this, Callbar Cydia tweak is great alternative to iBlackList and Caller Cydia tweak. And, CallBar is compatible with iOS 13.5. CallBar brings same great features like iBlackList or Caller iOS 13.5. So, if you’re missing core features of older inactive Cydia tweaks, you can try new things.

Now, Virtual Home Cydia tweak is great breath for the users who even don’t press┬áhome button at all. Actually, VirtualHome adds couple of features that enhanced Touch ID capabilities. Using VirtualHome iOS 13.5, you can access control center, app switcher, locking and unlocking device.

Once VirtualHome is installed, you can configure the settings from You need to enable Virtual Home Cydia tweak to bring all the features on the floor. You can install VirtualHome on BigBoss Cydia source for couple of cents.

Do you’ve ever thought to add more apps to the dock of your iPhone? Now, that moment came when you can add as apps as you can on dock using ReDock iOS 13.5. Once ReDock installed, the setting pane would be appear from where you can add apps to the right or left side of dock which can be accessed by swiping left or swiping right.

Weatherboard or ReDock, CallBar or VirtualHome Cydia tweak, all tweaks have been uploaded on BigBoss repo which can be installed after purchase. To know exact price, head to the repo that I’ve mentioned above.

Ultimately, these are great alternative to some important features or Cydia tweaks for iPhone, iPod or iPad. If you wanna know in details with screenshot, leave a comment…


  1. Big boss source isn’t showing up

  2. what about callbar iOS 9.3? is out for the latest firmware?

    1. CallBar iOS 9.1 was released, but you won’t find anyother latest version because there isn’t jailbreak for. Weatherboard and Virtual Home also have the same issue.

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