Watusi iOS 10.2: The Best WhatsAPP Cydia Tweak for Complete Controll

Watusi iOS 10.2: The Best WhatsAPP Cydia Tweak for Complete Controll

If you’re WhatsApp user and looking Cydia tweaks to control your WhatsAPP activity, then Watusi Cydia tweak is the best jailbreak app that works best.

Earlier today, F0u4d, the developer of Watusi, has updated WhatsAPP tweak to iOS 10.2 and all older firmwares with new updates and platform support.

Best WhatsAPP Cydia Tweaks:

  1. WhatsAPP Plus
  2. WhatsPad
  3. Watusi
  4. WhatsAtor

For your better knowledge, I would have to add here that Watusi is a paid Cydia tweak that costs $1.99 to users with life time update. For iOS 10.2, Watusi has brought up some cool features that have been listed below…

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  1. The user of the tweak can configure settings for “Last Seen” status any time. You can stop “Read Receipts”, “Delivery Receipts” feature, so that none can see that you have received their message.
  2. If you’re using Watusi tweak, you can hide online status on WhatsAPP messenger app.
  3. Additionally, user can disable landscape mode, extend Status message length and much more.

Watusi has been hosted on BigBoss repository which is the largest and most secure repo source of Cydia. You can purchase Watusi from their repository that would costs you $1.99 with all future updates.

If you’re already using this tweak, share your thoughts below…

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  2. _Unknown_ says:

    watusi is only for jailbreak. there is NO other way to get it jailbreak your phone and you can get it

  3. Anonymous says:

    Watsui is not working on jb ios10.2. Any solution???

  4. gurmohit says:

    that is not work in 9.2.3

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  8. Joseph Coleman says:

    I couldn’t understand onething that how people installing Watusi without jailbreak on any WhatsAPP for iPhone!!!
    Is there any installer such as Cydia installer to install it? If anyone get the solution, please update it fast. I’m waiting and I can pay for it.

    • Gabriel Anaya says:

      I’ve seen Watusi on AppStore for iPhone and it can be installed without jailbreak, but the configurations are different and it’s completely different for the Cydia tweak which appear here.

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