vShare not working on iOS 12.2/11.1, How to Fix

vShare won’t install any apps on iOS 11 until you fix it…

These days, users are facing an annoying error that is related with v Share app. Actually, its not working as usual. Now everybody who was using it, is moving to TutuApp or other top apps such as HipStore, Kuaiyong and 25PP.

For a short info, vShare is the king of third party app installer. This was the first app that was able to get into iPhone without jailbreak. Plus, it allows bunch of other apps to install without jailbreak on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Simply, users were able to download many top paid apps without spending single penny. Additionally, users won’t require to log into Apple App Store to install these paid apps for free. They can simply download vShare and apply some tricks to get those paid apps completely no cost.

However, there are some issues these days. Actually, Apple has made its privacy and security more tight and now many users are getting vShare not working situation. Now if you wanna get rid of such situations, you just need to follow some simple tricks and it may start working again without any major damage to your apps portfolio.

Apple changed the security policy

Apple made its security more powerful and thus vShare SSL certificate got corrupt and disable on Apple’s server. Now vShare enterprise certificate, that it was using against Apple to install Apps, and paid games, is expired. Thus, users are getting “cannot connect to ssl vShare.appvv.api” error.

There are few steps that vShare has recommended to it’s users. You can follow them to avoid vShare not working…

  1. If you’ve computer running on Windows 10, MacOS or Linux that can install vShare Helper App, then we recommend to download their Helper app and install it on your computer. After installation, you’d be asked to connect your iPhone or iPad on which you wanna use vShare app. Once you’d connect your device to that computer, using vShare Helper, it would detect the issues related to vShare not working and then automatically fix it. Once it has been fixed, you’d no more get not working situations.
  2. Second option is, you can uninstall vShare from your device and after resetting some settings on your iPhone, again install it. This may fix not working issues as well as it would fix SSL certificate too.
  3. If you can’t live without vShare and suppose its not working even after following above two methods, then you can reset your iPhone. I’m talking about iPhone hard reset method. After resetting your iPhone, install vShare again on your iPhone.

I’m sure one of above method would fix vShare not working. Meanwhile, you can try some vShare alternatives too. TutuApp, Kuaiyong, 25PP and HipStore are some very good alternatives.

Suppose still you’re facing the same issue, just comment below and I’d see what I can do for you.

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  1. vShare iOS 11.1 is available, it may fix not working automatically. Try updating app via checking updates on your iPhone or try to uninstall and install it again. When you install it from scratch, you’d definitely get the best stable and updated new version out of the box. VShare not working won’t happen again.

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