vShare iOS 12.2: v Share is the Best Alternative to InstallOus and AppulOus

Many Cydia users claim that vShare iOS 11 can install full version games and applications on your iPhone, iPad. Lets check, how to get it.

vShare iOS 11 is the best place to download and install full version apps from Apple App Store. Many jailbreak iOS 11 users claim that they are able to use full version apps and games without paying anything to App store using vShare.

AppVV developers have developed this jailbreak app and other clients. They have separate forum to support their product. As per the community members, the forum is quite active and they updates new full version games and apps as soon as they released on App Store. You can download their clients from AppVV repo source.

v Share is a jailbreak app that can be installed using Cydia App Store. You need to do only a few things and the whole world of apps would be yours. This kind of apps works great on Games specially.

Got confused? Do you heard about InstallOus or do you have used AppulOus? Actually, they got shutdown a while ago. InstallOus, AppulOus and vShare offers full version apps and games for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

Who knows, this year vShare would support Apple Watch Jailbreak too! Anyways, we were talking about v Share jailbreak app and how to install it. As you know it’s a Cydia tweak, you must have jailbroken iDevice in order to take full benefit of vShare iOS 11.

vShare iOS 11 Alternatives: If you wanna install similar apps like v Share, then AppCake, HipStore, Kuaiyong, 25PP, AppAddict, InstallOus and AppulOus are the best jailbreak apps alternative to vShare.

How to Install vShare repo and AppVV Client

First jailbreak iPhone, iPad and install Cydia. After the first step, go to springboard and open Cydia. Tap on Sources and add http://repo.appvv.com repo source.

Search vShare and choose the genuine app from AppVV developer’s website. Install it and reboot your iPhone.

Again, go to springboard and open vShare app. Search or navigate a whole new world of apps and games.

If you’re facing errors or any trouble, lets share with us, we’re more than happy to look into it…

Update: vShare iOS 11 has been released that is capable to install many jailbreak apps without jailbreak on iOS 11. So, I recommend those users who are on iOS 11 without jailbreak to install vShare and install MovieBox, GBA4iOS and other great stuff without jailbreak.


  1. AppVV really works hard. They’ve released vShare Pro, Helper app for iPhone to fix many issues which are impossible to fix on iPhone directly and they’re fighting with Apple for their live

  2. I am trying to install vshare but whenever I try I am getting error. Its not installing after several attempts.
    finally I heard that Apple here Revoke couple of developer certificate that they are using to provide service for iPhone or iPad to install paid apps and when their certificates are blocked now vshare not working

  3. Hey dude, can you guide me to jailbreak iOS 11.0.3?
    I wanna test vshare and couple of other apps without jailbreaking iOS 11.0.2

  4. Is there any way to install Movie Box iOS 11.0.2 without jailbreak using vShare? I heard in your another article that its possible on iOS 11.0.2, as I’m on iOS 11.0.2, can i install moviebox iOS 11.0.2 same way?

    1. Yeah, you can install MovieBox using vShare on iOS 11.0.2, but its totally depends on compatibility if it is available for iOS 11.0.2 or not

  5. vShare not working, I tried AppAddict and it also failed to install apps, I don’t know how to fix this.
    Please help

  6. Thanks, it works
    Tried vShare iOS 11.1 on iPhone with app sync

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