How to Un Ban from Pokemon Go Soft Banned Account

Pokemon Go Account Soft Banned, how to un-ban Pokemon Go…

In most of the countries, Pokemon Go is most popular game these days. Users do various tricks, they try Pokemon Go hacks and cheats and doing all these stuff sometimes they get soft banned. Yeah, Pokemon Go account soft banned.

Niantic who are the developers actually co developers of Pokemon Go keeping their eyes on users who use cheats, hacks and tricks while playing PokemonGo whether you’re on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Sometimes Niantic applies soft banned on Pokemon Go account of the user who cheats or uses hacks on their account. These type of banned are mostly soft banned, but sometimes, the team of developers applies permanent banned too.

Pokemon GO soft ban can be un banned using couple of methods and you can also unbanned yourself using these methods. Meanwhile, we’d update this article time to time to provide you all the working ways to un ban your Pokemon Go account.

How you get Soft Ban on Pokemon Go Account, How does Pokemon Go ban work

There are large number of Pokemon Go hacks, cheats and tweaks available on the web for Android smartphone and for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad. Most of these devices have either root or jailbreak and they apply tweaks and hacks.

Pokemon GO Anywhere, Fake Location, Location Spoofing and various Pokemon GO in app purchases hacks are too famous on these devices and platform.

Huge number of users are using these tweaks, hacks, tricks and cheats and doing these cheats, sometimes they get Pokemon Go soft banned on their account.

For normal users, there is no matter to think about soft ban for Pokemon Go because they won’t get them banned if they won’t apply cheats, tweaks and hacks.

How to Un Ban if you got Pokemon Go Soft Ban on Your Account

Method 1: There are couple of steps you can take in order to un-ban yourself from soft banned. The idea is to log out from banned Pokemon GO Account and create new account and then log out from new Pokemon Go account and login to old one and couple of more tricky parts have to play during these.

  1. First you want to logout from the account which got soft ban on Pokemon Go.
  2. Now, create new Pokemon Go account and login to the new account.
  3. Here is the trick, logout from new account and uninstall or delete Pokemon Go.
  4. Now, install it again and login to the old soft ban Pokemon Go account.

Most probably, you’d get un-ban from Pokemon Go soft ban using above trick. Again, above is the trick and depends on luck whether you get un banned or not. You can repeat the process until you get un ban from that soft banned.

If you get un ban from Pokemon soft ban, please avoid PokemonGo ban because you can get permanent ban after soft ban if you won’t stop yourself from cheating or tweaking. Cydia tweaks, hacks and jailbreak apps can give you more power on Pokemon Go while these tweaks, hacks and cheats can lead you soft ban, so think about it and avoid it.

Method 2: Suppose above method doesn’t work, you can try your luck this way. Try second trick which has been tried by myself and unbanned my Pokemon Go account successfully with the first try.

So you can follow below steps to un ban Pokemon Go soft ban…

  1. You need to find local PokeStop.
  2. Here is the trick, spin it upto 35 to 40 times. Because you’ve soft ban on your Pokemon Go account, you won’t get any price for this.
  3. After 40 spins, do some more and you’d start getting prices and this means you got unbanned from soft ban from your Pokemon Go account.
  4. This is how you’d get rid of Pokemon Go soft ban using this trick.

To try this method, I myself installed a PokeMap Cydia tweak to get soft ban on Pokemon Go and once I got soft banned, I tried above tricks specially in my case, second method worked just like a charm.

If there is any confusion or needs edit, please comment and correct these tricks and please reply that it works or not in your case…


  1. Arman gamer says:

    Hey, You can unbanned your Pokemon Go soft banned account by installing QuickSpin software on Windows computer.

  2. Michael Bemelmans says:

    In my case, from 36th spin I started to get prices. thanks
    It works and completely working trick.

  3. Jason Zakrajsek says:

    Thanks it worked!
    I’m really surprised to see this, it actually works. I didn’t expect that it would work. The second method worked absolutely as you explain. I spinned more than 40 times and my pokemon go account unbanned and unlocked.

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