Twitterrific iOS 12.2/11.1 for iPhone, iPad, MacOS and Windows 10

TweetBot, Twitter app and Twitterrific are some very popular Twitter apps available for iPhone, iPad, MacOS and Windows PCs…

Twitter is very large and popular social media platform where billions upon billions messages, you can say tweets have been send all over the world.

Now when more and more users are getting engaged with Twitter, there should be more productive apps should be available for wide range of devices such as iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. Twitterrific is available for iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Windows and Android, thus it got so popularity.

Recently, the core developers of Twitterrific have updated the app from scratch. They pushed Twitterrific 5.1 to public. This new update brings a tons of new features for users. First of all, you’d notice brand new look, features and smart app update after installation of this app.

The updated app for iPhone and iPad is available on Apple app store from where you can download and install. Before that, you should know what are the new features that you’re gonna get from this app.

The new version of Twitterrific offers completely redesigned new interface, icons and features. The new app is full of exciting features. Now, you’re getting Mute feature that is important to mute any source to alert you via sound.

Yeah, now users are able to mute and conversation you want. Additionally, developers have put a great afford where they’ve released Twitterrific new icon set and iOS 12.2 update for iPhone and iPad users.

The second and most exciting feature is Night mode. Yeah, now you can enable night mode feature that would save your eyes from night mobile use. However, Twitterrific is not so useful comparing to TweetBot and other such top and popular applications.

Twitterrific iOS 12.2: The final version of firmware is out with many bug fixed. Twitterrific is ready to start playing again.

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