TweakBox for iPhone: Install ++ Tweaked Apps Without Jailbreak 13.5

TweakBox iOS 13.5 for iPhone, iPad…

Before a year on my iPhone 7, there were a bunch of tweaks and apps installed on my iPhone after utilizing Yalu jailbreak. Now, I want to download few important Cydia apps because I can’t jailbreak iOS 13.5 (Not available).

After a decent search, I got TweakBox installed. Thanks to the developers of this tweak as it offers really good amount of apps without making any adjustment to my iPhone. You won’t be asked to jailbreak iPhone 8 or any device you have.

If you’re much experienced and wanna break some boundaries that Apple has created around iPhone, then you can download TweakBox, and that tweak can give you bunch of other options easily. The most easy part that I like in Tweak Box, is that I don’t need to do anything in order to install my favorite ++ tweaked apps for free.

You’d get something similar to App Store that is listed with bunch of apps. TweakBox is also filled with many useful tweaks even paid one for free.

You may have heard of Tutu App, 25PP, Kuaiyong and vShare, but TweakBox is better than all of those apps. The biggest reason for that is, most of those apps not working these days on iOS 13.5 and since tweak box is compatible for latest version, you won’t get any error related to installation.

Basically, you’ve two options to install TweakBox iOS 13.5 on your iPhone. You may hire Computer that have Windows or MacOS installed. Here you’d need to download iPA file of this tweak and use it with Cydia Impactor. And the second way is, you must run the installation website and install it right on your iPhone or iPad using your default browser.

If you wanna use your iPhone to install this tweak box, you can follow below steps…

  1. Run any web browser on your iPhone after connecting to WiFi.
  2. You need to run website using your browser.
  3. System would detect your iOS version and accordingly would ask you to download and install the app once you tap on Download button.
  4. The app would be installed right away on your iPhone when you complete some on screen instruction given on the installation page.

You’ve successfully completed all the installation steps.

After successful installation, you need to open the app and choose any tweak available out there on their database.

TweakBox Updates

iOS 13.5: The updated version of Tweak Box now supports YouTube++. You can download updated version for iOS 13.5 and install accordingly.

iOS 13.5: As Apple released iOS 13.5 update, the developers updated core files of TweakBox iOS 13.5 app, you can install this app on your newly installed iOS firmware.

iOS 13.5: Finally, the developers have done a great job by offering this app for iOS 13.5 beta too.

If it won’t install apps or not working, you can comment below…

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