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Generally users come here with the searching of either paid apps for free or to install Pokemon Go hack with the help of TutuApp Helper. This is my first article on it. Actually, I was also facing some difficulties and when I fixed them, I thought to share those things with all of you too.

I found that Tutu is the best working app for both iOS and Android to install Pokemon Go and such kind of games as well as bunch of apps that are paid on app store. So today, we’d see what we can do with Tutu Helper.

If you’ve vShare, HipStore, 25PP, Kuaiyong and Tutu App, you’re already aware of Translation and availability issues. Most of these apps either work only on jailbreak or Rooted platform or we can’t use them because most of these apps are in Chinese language. Thanks to the developers that they’ve created vShare and TutuApp Helper English version for easy.

I won’t say that there is only a Tutu available for such installation for apps or games, but to be true, all of other apps require either jailbreak which is not available for current firmware. In other hand, most of them are not available for Android too, because they’re not listed under Google Play Store.

Anyways, we’d talk only about TutuHelper from now.

What actually Tutu Helper Installs Without Jailbreak on iPhone

I installed it, actually I wanted to play Pokemon Go hack. I was trying something new on my iPhone and without jailbreak it was not possible so I used TutuApp Helper. Before Tutu, I tried vShare iOS 11 that was not working. Because that app version doesn’t have Pokemon Go hack. So then, my second choice was Tutu Helper iOS 11.

As I had installed it with the combination of Pokemon Go Hack on my Android Mi Max 2 and it was working like a charm. Without any kind of help of Play Store, I installed it directly from Tutu web server.

Today, I’d talk about the same steps that I took while installing TutuApp Helper on my iPhone and Android smartphone that is known as Mi Max 2, a Xiaomi smartphone.

How to Install TutuApp Helper on Android

  1. For the first step, I headed to enable WiFi and opened Xiaomi default browser that was built on Chrome open source project.
  2. Then, I accessed tutuapp.vip address to access it’s website.
  3. There were two version from which I had to choose one of them. Two were Regular and VIP. As I wanted to give a try on free version, so I have chosen Regular TutuApp Helper.
  4. System downloaded that Tutu Helper APK for me and asked me to install that.
  5. I confirmed and it was installed on my Android device.

Note: After installation, I headed to open it and installed Pokemon Go Hack from it. You can also follow the process to install them. Ask via comments if you’ve any issues.

How to Install Tutu Helper IPA on iPhone without Jailbreak

Using the same process, you can download TutuApp IPA for iPhone also and even without jailbreak this time. You can follow below steps in order to install it on your iPhone 8 or later.

  1. Activate Internet access and open Safari.
  2. Access http://tutuapp.vip address and download regular version of TutuApp Helper.
  3. Once you downloaded, the system would definitely ask permission to install it.
  4. Confirm it and your iPhone would install Tutu Helper IPA on your iPhone.


  1. You can download Tutu Helper IPA on your computer.
  2. Download Cydia Impactor also on your computer running MacOS or Windows.
  3. Now, using Cydia Impactor install Tutu app on your iPhone.

If you’ve anything confusing or having difficulties, you can comment below.

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