Tutu App 11 Without Jailbreak: Its possible to install on iPhone without Cydia Now

Today, I’m gonna show you how to install Tutu App without Jailbreak or Cydia on iPhone or iPad running latest firmware such as iOS 13.5 or iOS 10.3.3…

After getting huge response on Tutu App won’t install on iPhone running latest firmware specially on iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 13.5, I decided to bring ultimate solution that would clear all your confusion while downloading Tutu app iOS 13.5 or lower version.

While having jailbroken device, I can install any IPA that I want on my iPhone and I’ve done it many time, but when I don’t have Cydia installed on my iPhone, its really difficult moment for me too to install jailbreak apps such as vShare, TutuApp, 25PP, Kuaiyong, HipStore or any other such applications.

In absence of Cydia installer, you can look for Cyrus, iNoCydia, OpenAppMkt or other alternatives, but they too won’t allow you to install Tutu applications easily on your iPhone. This is not a case where you choose an app from App Store and just tap a Get button to have that app on your iPhone. Here you must hard work and trick to download and install the app that you want on your iPhone.

I’d guide you here with the exact steps by following which you’d be able to install Tutu Helper along with other Tutu apps easily.

Follow me..

  1. Without wasting single moment, tap on Safari after getting connected to internet and access Tutuapp.vip website on Safari web browser.
  2. Wait until the page completely loaded and then you’d notice Download Now button, hit it. But note that you must tap on regular package and not a VIP Tutu App installer.
  3. System would ask you to install TutuApp via popup where you’d need to tap on Install button.
  4. Now system would install the app, you’ve done installation.

Note: If TutuApp not working, follow article.

Before using Tutu Helper or app, you must trust the developer profile. Though this is really very easily process to trust the developer profile via settings app, if you don’t know, I’d mention it once again.

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Now, go to General section.
  3. Find out Device management or Profile settings.
  4. There you’d see Tutu app developer profile, just tap Trust on it.
  5. Done.

You can comment below to ask anything that is confusing for you or to get help further.


  1. So if I fallow the update for ios 11.1 i must install of the free version and them it will download and install the apps that i want, but I already paid the VIP version, so is that money going to be returned to my card????

  2. Same here there is nothing in my profile for me to trust in order to install tutu. I didn’t it once after error cannot do it again

  3. When I click download and to verify the profile, it takes me to my profiles and nothing happens, no matter how many times I refresh it. I’ve removed my current profiles and still, nothing.

  4. I just installed 11.02. Tutu app works but won’t let me download Kodi Jarvis 18.1. Is it just because of new update?

  5. ok i did that and tutu app is on the device but when i try to install the hack it wont work.. it just says waiting.

    1. I downloaded Oceanhorn and whenever I open it it sends me back to homescreen

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