Tutuapp won’t install, won’t download or not working at all, how to fix using Tutu Helper

How to Fix Tutuapp where it’s not working at all…

Resolved: You need to update Tutu APP to the latest version. Download Tutu 3.0 and you won’t face its not working, won’t install, developer untrusted screen.

Whether you’ve iPhone or Android device, the common problem while using Tutu app is, it’s not working for many reasons.

You may face problems downloading, it won’t download. You may face problems while installing, Tutuapp won’t install. And last, it won’t support couple of apps or games.

To try fixing all these issues, we’ve contacted Tutu app developers and mentioned couple of concern while using Tutu VIP, Tutu Helper and Tutuapp itself on iOS and Android devices.

Download Tutuapp iOS, Android version with Tutu Helper

I want to share a case where I was trying to install Pokemon Go using Tutuapp APK installer. After many tries, Tutu app was unable to install that game even it wasn’t able to download Pokemon Go. I’m pretty sure that if you’re also Pokemon Lover and tried to install Pokemon GO using Tutu, you’ve faced these type of errors.

Breaking Updates:

We found that most of the time, it’s due to high traffic to the server of Tutuapp and for other reasons, it’s due to software behavior. Some apps or games aren’t supported by Tutu app, however the developers are really concerned about these issues and they always try to fix these type of issues.

Fixed* Tutuapp Won’t Download or Tutuapp won’t Installing this Time Error

While discussing with developers, we found some ways to fix Tutu app for Android and iPhone device.

Note: Before starting to fix we’d mention here that the developers have released Tutu Helper, Tutu VIP version for Android and iOS, you all can download and install them to fix Tutuapp not working issues.

So, let’s check the steps to fix it manually…

We fount that while clearing app data and cache this app works without any problems. So to fix it, we tried uninstalling Tutu app and Pokemon Go for which we were getting issues. And reinstall Tutuapp again. On iOS and Android devices, the issue has been fixed after doing these steps. Do you wanna try it…

  1. First dig into settings app and find out “Reset Network Settings” which is available in Android and iOS both the firmware. There reset network settings.
  2. When you’d tap on reset network settings tab, it would ask you to confirm. When you’d confirm resetting, it would reset your network settings and your device would restart.
  3. The system would ask you to choose WiFi and password to connect it again because while resetting, all the settings would be deleted.
  4. Enter WiFi network details and connect it again.

* Most of the time resetting network settings fixes Tutuapp won’t download and not installing this time error from scratch.

Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack not working

If Tutu app works well on other apps and games and it gives error that it won’t install this time, then it may be possible that it’s due to any particular game or app.

In such case, you should wait for fix from developers because for some times either you’re using latest firmware or latest version of Pokemon Go while Tutuapp version would be old enough.

Suppose you’re using Pokemon Go iOS 11.1.2 while you’re using Tutuapp which is optimized for iOS 10.0.1, it may give you error or issues. It happens so many times.

When Tutuapp without jailbreak works very well, you should try to update it as possible as you can to fix not working issues. You’d never found won’t download or won’t install at this time error ever.

Bonus Tip

We’d recommend users to post comments if they’ve something different issues or problems because it’s completely impossible to cover each and every issues related to Tutu app not working.

While reading your comments, we’d be able to fix Tutuapp won’t download and it won’t install apps error from scratch.

So, comment below right now…

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  1. Andy says:

    Why I cannot find Pokémon go in TutuApp?

  2. Jaydaleneaugh2003@gmail.com says:

    Hey Hey
    I need a little help on the tutu app. When I downloaded it for Spotify++ it worked about 1 month later I went to download movie box and it said not internet connection to verify apps so I checked my router and everything was good, but the app still wouldn’t work it kept saying that… please help

  3. tinytech says:

    i try to install yesterday to IP5.. everything is done perfectly..
    today another IP5 … keep pop out.. i thought the phone got problem so i master reset everything and install tutuapp again… the problem still same..
    pokemon apps keep on pop out. BOTH ip5 ver 10.3.3

    please reply

  4. Reply everyone says:

    hey guys this happened to me a few minutes ago and i have been trying since…

    So basically about 30min ago i tried using the tutu app (vip) and it said service error, so i deleted the app and tried to install again and it says page not found 500 or something like that. So i tried accessing it through different platform and it still doesnt work so if anyone knows anything thsts going on other then maybe apple revoked tutu app then pls reply

  5. Joao Almeida says:

    hi there!!!

    I´m quite new here (about an hour heheh) and i did a small search but could find an answer for my question..
    I sorted the issue with the download speed but, this is my question, the slow rate of the installation of app or games is it normal? because it keeps on restarting and takes for ever!!! could you help me?

  6. njah04 says:

    Installed Tutuapp and when i click to install pokemon go, the install stays on 0% for 10 secs then tutuapp shuts down. Any help pls?

  7. Redstone girl says:

    For some reason when i try to get on tutu it says unable to connect to server. Plz help!

  8. Hanish khanna says:

    Sir myself hanish khanna and my email is khannahanish20.hk@gmail.com. Sir my issue is that when i am downloading tutu regular version then if it open settings of my phone it will show no profile installed. Sir i request you to plz solve my problem my contact no is 9999171969

  9. Jade may says:

    the website tutuapp.com doesnt load for me it says error

  10. B.D. says:

    I paid for tutuapp.vip did all the installation steps and installed it successfully (via the the new profile that was added) on my iPhone 5, iOS 10.3.3. But ever since, no matter what app I try, it doesn’t download. I can press the get option but it does nothing after I press build (waited few hours after the first time).
    What I notices is that the profile doesn’t stay after the installation. It is always in “install” mode. So I can not verify it. Pressing install just installs tutuapp app again.
    Tried to reset the network. Tried to reset the entire iPhone (it’s the extra phone). Nothing helped.
    Tried to follow their advice and install from a pc, the pc software told me I have to pay first. Naturally I already paid.
    I had no problem to install another profile later for some other app.
    Am I missing something, or the tutuapp is just worthless.
    By the way, I sent them 5 emails, with no replay in the last 2 weeks.

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      Most of the time, this happens. Actually after making payment, the developers or makers of the app don’t response even they don’t reply you.

  11. Pora says:

    Tutu app stoped working for me this morning. I’ve cleared and reset everything even deleting the app. Now I can’t reinstall. It gets about .75% then tells me it’s unable to install. Yet my nabior is on it using it like a champ! It’s making me made.

  12. Private invest says:

    Tutu app loads but wont download any games..i have iphone 5s my buddies have 5c and theirs works …mine says it downloads but stalls on waiting on the install

  13. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t help. My app is still not working

  14. Matt says:

    Ben do anything to get yours to work ?

  15. ben says:

    Tutu app is down for past 2 days again till now

  16. EL says:

    8 ball app won’t open???

  17. Erika says:

    Reinstalled new version of Tutu App.
    Worked for one day then kicked out again and will not opened. Says not verified. Tried to verify- won’t do anything. Tried to delete and reinstall- nothing. Tried to reverify network settings- nothing!!! Can someone actually post something that worked??? Why is this working for others, but not me???

    • Erika says:

      Oh also/ everything I read has instructions that are not even options on my IPhone- there is no “manager” option or “security” option so what are these posts even referring to when they give these instructions?!?!?

  18. Luis says:

    I paid for tutuapp vip IOS and I’m not even able to download it im very dissapointed
    i wasted my money

  19. Brian says:

    Tutu app and Pokemon Go are not working. Tells me to verify them, I do but nothing changes. Was using Pokemon Go all day up until about 30 mins ago.

  20. Blacky56 says:

    How long does it take for tutu apps to install pokemon go hack , cause it’s take long with me about 4 hours and still not installed what should I do ????

  21. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with the spotify! The app won’t open and it’s not spotify ++ anymore, but only spotify. Anyone having the same problem?

  22. Mia says:

    Forget Pokémon go, I’m just wondering why all of the apps aren’t working. It was all fine untill they started saying “untrusted developer”. Can someone please just give me some advise to fix it?

    • Sara says:

      you have to go to settings, general, device management, then you click on all of them and press trust

      • Shivam says:

        Im having the same.. i can only “verify” it but it doesnt change anything. No button anymore to trust it. 🙁

        Anyone knows how to solve this?

        • Jimmy says:

          I’m afraid you’ll have to delete the apps and reinstall them. If it then says “unable to install” you’ll have to reinstall the entire app again later.

    • Mia says:

      No it’s just that. It won’t let me trust it.

  23. Trying to catch them all says:

    I have iOS 10.3.2 and the app work but then it won’t download Pokémon go union square.

    Should I update to latest 10.3.3

  24. Daria says:

    After the recent Pokémon Go update mid July, the app stopped working but when trying to reinstall tutuapp, it opens a new safari window that says “param error.”

    Any news of a fix yet??

  25. X pert gamer says:

    Has tutu app been revoked ? As yesterday it stopped working for me and I can’t reinstall it. If so when will the tutu app be working again. I think the problem is due to the enterprise and that Apple has revovocked it. How long will we have to wait till it gets fixed?

  26. Klar says:

    Ever since the pokémon go update the other day, I have not been able to reinstall. Sad

  27. […] operating system, I came across to a very important and key article that is based on how to fix TutuApp not working? If its unable to install or download any third party app or game or it won’t install or […]

  28. Joseph Coleman says:

    It’s working on Android smartphone using Redmi 4

  29. Roxie says:

    is tutu app working today ?

  30. tenflames100@gmail.com says:

    I downloaded tutuapp to get the 8 ball pool game. Successfully installed however when I open the 8 ball pool app it crashes instantly. I have re downloaded all of the apps 3 times and still no success. I have also trusted the apps in the device management tab and it shows that it’s all verified but still not working. I have also reset my network settings. Help!

  31. Denla says:

    I stalls Tutu a few weeks ago and then 4 days ago my apps were all of a sudden not verified and I could not install any app. I went into setting to verify but it did not work. I deleted Tutu then 2 days ago I reinstalled from a new link and it worked until today all my apps again were no longer verified and would not verify.

    I have tried deleting and reinstalling Tutu and re-downloading the same apps but none will finish the installation and keep attempting to install. I had one random app I chose install but no others.

    I reset my network settings and tried Tutu no fix, deleted Tutu and retried to install apps and still no fix.

    • Anonymous says:

      I found a new way to install it, as usual it asks us twice via pop up menu to install, only press install once then press the home screen and watch it download. The second install message will pop up but don’t press install neither cancel. I’ve had the same exact problem but it worked for me so just try that, maybe it’ll work for you?

    • Colin says:

      Thank you soo much it worked and I can finally download apps again

    • Anthony says:

      The Same thing happened to me. At first everything works perfectly. But after a few days it was not verified.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been trying to re l-install Spotify probably 20 times since Monday and today finally worked!! So my tip is keep insisting!

  32. Dylan says:

    Tutu app and Pokemon go won’t start up. When I go to my settings and click on device management, both applications are NOT verified for some reason. I try to Verify them but it does nothing, no matter how many time I try. So I have to delete both TuTu app and Pokemon go. But as soon as I delete it, I’m unable to reinstall…. fix this problem please.

  33. Jagbir says:

    Tutu app not working again

  34. Stormstrider1 says:

    Didn’t work use guopan instead

  35. JaedonSegura says:

    Update/// IT WORKS! I am able to play Pokémon go just had to reinstall it!!!!

  36. JaedonSegura says:

    Pokémon go still not working for me is it for anybody else?

  37. Anon, says:

    just now was able to install the third one down and keep it open(114.09mb) in size. I’m unsure if I shoud log in any thoughts?

  38. Moon Star says:

    Tried to install TutuHelper VIP (which i paid $13 for) and it just keeps loading and won’t actually install.

  39. Calum says:

    Also I am trying to download super mario run on tutuapp and it won’t install. Why?

  40. Calum says:

    If you delete a app on tutuapp and reinstall it will it save all the data?

  41. Vanessathesav says:

    Same thing happened to me. But except it happened me today. So Pokémon go told me to verify it and when I did it did nothing. So I deleted the app hoping to redownload it but I tried and it wouldn’t download. Finally just now I got it to download after doing a lot of things. But it crashes every time I click it so it’s no use. Ugh

  42. JaedonSegura says:

    Woke up this morning and it said Pokémon go needed to be verified went to verify it but it wouldn’t let me I deleted tutu and Pokémon go and was able to reinstall both but when I try to open Pokémon go it just crashes right away anyone else with the same problem?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the same problem too, a week after that i sucessfully redownloaded tutuapp and my previous apps, but now few days after, it’s not verified anymore. i don’t know why

  43. Anon, says:

    So fed up with this. Finally my tutu app let me download pokemon go and guess what… crash on startup for all of them. Ive tried every fix possible I just give up

  44. themanstan781 says:

    does pokemon go work for anyone ?

  45. Darek says:

    I reinstall all my apps around 20 and all works normal 👍

  46. Darek says:

    Ok so I downloaded tutu again and I downloaded movie box and YouTube and everything works. So basically have to deleted old apps and download them again 🙂

  47. Elxian says:

    My tu tu app also having the same issue. Hope TutuApp can fix it. A lot of my apps can’t open.

  48. Calum says:

    Guys I just tried tutuapp again, the app downloaded and opened but won’t let me download apps, it looks like they are working on trying to fix it, I will stay on this website so can someone say something when it starts working again.

    Thx Calum

    • Darek says:

      Hi guys I just downloaded YouTube ++ from tutu and everything works. Still can’t verify old apps wich I installed previously.

  49. Anon, says:

    As of 10 minutes ago tutuapp can be downloaded but no apps can be at this time. Hope this means it’s close to being fixed

  50. Anonymous says:

    Same issue. App was working last night and then told me to verify. After verifying nothing happens and now the app won’t redownload. If anyone has a solution please let us all know.

    • Gary says:

      Tried that, doesn’t work

    • anon says:

      im having the same issue right now i cant verify the apps i have maybe its because the servers are down ?
      i heard that you have to wait 2 to 4 days as they are changing developers or something

    • anon says:

      so everybodys tutuapps apps are not working and unable to be verified right ?btw what country are u guys frm

    • Andrew says:

      I bet my issue is worse, I download tutu app then it says waiting, and the app is not even loading, tried again and again, I even reset my settings but still, it just won’t download, why are you having people pay 13 bucks for a rip off, why don’t you put it off sale until you heartless people fix it again!

  51. Leo baker says:

    Found out how go setting, general,reset and reset network settings. Make sure you know the password for your wifi again. Delete old tutuapp and download new one from tutuapp.vip. It can be the free or paid version

  52. Leo baker says:

    I had tutuapp installed on my phone and worked until last night. Same as everyone else. However I think I know the problem. Because apple doesn’t allow cracked apps they must have changed a part of iOS 10.3 which doesn’t allow certain enterprise apps to run.

  53. Karl says:

    My tutu app and my spotify ++ crashed, is there anyother way to re-install spotify ++ ??

    • Sara says:

      You should look up zjailbreak on a website called pangu8.com I think
      Download it
      And then you have to download the anzhuang app
      On the pangu8 website there is a list called best apps
      Click on it and you’ll find Spotify++
      Copy the code and then go on anzhuang and paste it
      I know it’s a lot of work but thats how i got it back
      Hopefully tutu gets fixed soon
      I saw it might get fixed in 2-4 days

  54. Calum says:

    I was using tutuapp perfectly last night and everything was ok but when I woke up this morning it said I have to verify the apps when I do it and click verify it does nothing? I’m really confused because I am on internet when I verify so there should be no issue. Is this just a temporary thing or what?

    Please respond it would be greatly appreciated

    • Andrea says:

      Same problem

    • Sara says:

      Same thing happened to me
      I clicked verify and that did nothing
      So I deleted the apps and was looking to reinstall them (I only had tutu, YouTube++ and Spotify++)
      But now it says it’s unable to download…
      I tried finding a round about way to download YouTube++ and Spotify++ but I was only able to get Spotify++
      I also started an Apple Music trial literally right before it stopped working so I don’t know if that is the problem or not? I don’t know how that could interfere with tutu but that’s the only thing that was different..

    • Tristan Johnson says:

      If someone figures this out please let me know same thing happened to me

    • Anonymous says:

      same problem

    • Matt says:

      Same problem here. It was working fine last night and this morning then around 3pm it told me I needed to verify it again and it wouldn’t let me. Now it won’t re download

    • TutuLover says:

      Me too!

  55. Saif says:

    Same case .

  56. Jagbir says:

    YouTube ++ and tutu app won’t open. It says untrusted enterprise developer. It was working perfect just went down few hours ago. Can you please help me to fix it

  57. LuLu Pyro says:

    Will it still download apps if AppStore account is disabled, does TuTu work independently! ?If so I need to know a way out of the following : when I press install I don’t get redirected and the usual window to install the profile of TuTu and trust it doesn’t pop up at all .

  58. Firas Ihsan says:

    Hi I am trying to download CSR racing 2 once it was downloaded i pressed unzip but it says it failed how to fix this?

  59. Sarah says:

    I have the exact phone and iOS version that my hubby has. I downloaded Pokémon go from tutu and his works fine. I can get into the app but can’t do anything once I’m on. I followed all of the steps and reset the network. Still can’t play. Any suggestions???

    • Firas Ihsan says:

      Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.If the problem still occurs that means either your storage place where tutu app is installed is corrupted or theres something wrong with your phone.

  60. Noah says:

    A few days after I downloaded tutuapp, the app itself, along with all the other apps I installed using it, keep crashing upon opening. I click on the app, it shows the opening animation and then the screen turns black for a split second and it brings me back to my home screen.
    Please tell me how to fix or prevent this from happening!

  61. Ryan says:

    When I try to install Spotify++ I keep getting an error that’s say retry the installation and I do it and I keep getting the same error.

  62. Saleem says:

    Tutuapp has removed whatsapp++ from their store, not working anymore:(

  63. Anonymous says:

    Can’t even download tutuapp tried stuff you said but still fails to install. I have current IOS too

    • Anonymous says:

      Same can some help

    • Lg says:

      I finally found a fix on download of tutuapp. It has worked twice for me. I can’t download tutuapp on my present wifi…but when I connect with my phone hotspot using different network….it loads…slowly but it does load. I’m still losing verification after few days though

      • Anon says:

        Same, I couldn’t download it on my wifi but I got it to download at my school… then a few days later it crashed and I had to reinstall but now it won’t work

  64. Anonymous says:

    Live wire said need to verify, wouldn’t work so deleted to reinstall, can’t find it, help!!!

  65. emily says:

    it said for me to verify the app but it wouldn’t let me so i tried to reinstall it but it wouldn’t install and said it can’t be downloaded at this time so fix this asap

  66. Kellyjean11kk says:

    Having the same issues with tutu from most recent post. How do we fix this?

  67. Tutu squad says:

    Tutuapp crashed and asked to verify again when in doin so it wouldn’t let me verify I then deleted it to redownload. I went through the process and when on my home screen waiting for it to download it doesn’t it says installing and then poof an alert pops up saying tutu helper is unable to download with options of done or retry I click retry and it doesn’t let me same thing keeps happening. Plz fix this asap

  68. Rutvikrp007 says:

    Hey guys!!
    Help me I cant download Saavn++, infact I cant even find Saavn++ on tutuhelper app. And when I use link and when I tap on download it opens a blank page nothing else happens. Plz help.

  69. Yaaawwww nnnnnnaaaaannnnnn says:

    All my apps I installed withit keep crashing

  70. im annoyed says:

    My apps are stuck on build Idk what that means any help?

  71. Abwirl says:

    It will not let me download Spotify if just says it’s unable to download at this time. What can I do to fix it?

  72. Yourname says:

    I downloaded Nba 2k15 on my iPhone but it keeps on crashing

  73. imy says:

    anyone please help… it wont let me open Spotify which I installed from tutu app, what do I do? it states apple has blocked it!!

  74. david says:

    just wait for they’re license to be renewed and it will work possibly change your area(region) to the united states it worked for me (iPhone)

  75. Your Name says:

    Hey guys..my problem is when I veryfied the tutuinstallation then I click install then I go to the page of tutuapp..??..What the heck..??!!…anyone has resolution there..??..

  76. Daquon says:

    Tutuhelper says connect to tutuhelper.com how’d you do that

  77. Derp says:

    My only issue with Tutu is that the tutu app and all others installed only work for about a week then I need to uninstall and reinstall, regardless of VIP or not

  78. Stephen H says:

    I have the app downloaded just fine. I’m having problems trying to make it work from my settings. I tap install but I don’t think it’s installing properly. It just takes me back to the tutu app page on safari.

  79. Rudy says:

    Hey guy my Pokémon go app won’t open at all like it takes me to the first page and turns off and it won’t let me play

  80. Tekkevil says:

    Hey guys i have a problem with the pokemon go app. It got stuck in installing and it doesnt finish nor can delete it. Please help. Intalled using tutuhelper.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I am not able to verify it i did it once when i installed it and again its asking to verify but when i click verify app button nothing happens can anyone help me!

  82. Anonymous says:

    Can someone help me ?

  83. Anonymous says:

    I downloded pokemon go hack and it works but the only issue is that when i try to log in it wont let me

  84. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone knows another app that works instead of tutuhelper since we all keep having the same problems…

    • Gus says:

      i have the same problem! I tried everything else and nothing i have already emailed TUTU Helper and no word back from them.
      Please help!!!!!

  85. Fides says:

    I bought tutuapp VIP version for IOS. It worked fine about a month. Now it has problem. I reset network settings but I can’t fix the error “unable to download app”. Anyone has solutions?

  86. Smithe335 says:

    Because here is a list of multiplayer games is that the leave was asked for more. fcecgdebeddcedde

  87. AD says:

    I get tutu and pokemon go installed just fine but after a few days it says it’s not varified, I have to uninstall both apps and wait at least a day and then it magically lets me install everything again but the process repeats.

    • AntiCheatBro says:

      I’m having the same problem. Both tutuapp and Pokemon GO works perfectly fine. After 2 days it will ask me to verify the apps which does not work. I’ll have to delete the apps and wait a day or 2. So annoying.

  88. rr says:

    I am wondering if this is a regular occurrance everytime there is an update? I am new to tutuapp. It asked to download the paid version to avoid to issue. However, I find it too much to pay $10 if you will eventually have the same problem again. Don’t know how much I can trust the claim that I won’t have problem after paying. Anyone who have paid and still having problem?

    • Amber says:

      I have bought the VIP version for iOS and never had a problem

    • UptownFade666 says:

      I have the VIO and it does the same thing as the free one. Bullshit.

      • Kristin says:

        Not sure if this will help any of you, but I accidentally stumbled on a possible solution…hope it works for you all! I would download the TuTuHelper app (free), on the TuTuHelper website (not at the iOS AppStore) onto my iPad Air 2. I made sure the app and any of the games and apps I downloaded, were all trusted and verified. Within a day or two everything I got there, would no longer work because they needed to be verified. I’d try to RE-verify and RE-trust TuTuHelper and everything I got there but it wou,d not let me do either! When I went to open TuTuHelper it would tell me their certificate was suspended and/or revoked. So I had to delete TuTuHelper and everything I got there! If to to their website again to re-download TuTuHelper (free) and usually could not do it for a day or more! Once I could download the TuTuHelper app (free) again, I’d lose it within a day or two…every single time! Then have to wait at least a day or two until a “new” developer could be granted an iOS certificate! I don’t know if this is correct, but I started getting really pissed because it felt like Apple would go into MY device and disable anything that didn’t make them any money, so I started turning my wifi off (my iPad is not part of a cell plan…strictly wifi)….only turning it on if I needed it, then off when I didn’t. Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time online, so if Apple needed to slip into my device via wifi, the had plenty of chances. Well….appx 2-3 weeks ago I was told my iPad was so full, that it couldn’t update my iPad, download legit apps from iOS, take photos or video and that I couldn’t back up anything new unless I bought more storage space or started deleting stuff. I couldn’t decide what to do! I opted to start playing and finishing apps and games, so that I would have the space I needed for new downloads and backing up my iPad. That’s when I realized that the TuTuHelper app (still the free version from their website) was still on my device, it was still “trusted” and everything was still “verified”. I don’t know if it’s a fluke…a miracle!…but ever since Apple couldn’t update my operating system (they couldn’t replace my current iOS version with their updated version) I have had absolutely no issues with using the TuTuHelper free app or anything I got from it! I never reaped the benefits for more than 2 days at a time…now I’m close to 3 weeks! I know the idea of no available memory on your device is not ideal and that having the newest iOS updates can be very important (ESP. for security reasons), but maybe you could just try either or both methods. Good Luck and I’d love to find out if this worked for anyone else!

  89. zander says:

    everyone is having the sam problem but no solution ha been posted. tutuapp was working just fine, after a carrier update from apple came and messed everything up, my brother is using the sam app on ipad and i cant use it on my iphone! everytime i download it says cant be downloaded at this moment.
    any solution for this problem?

    • Cilipeno says:

      Same problem. My sister has an iPad and it’s working fine. My iPhone 7 couldn’t install tutuhelper since Dec 12 when the iOS 11.1.2 was updated. It has been over a week I have not been able to play.

  90. Rt says:

    Downloaded tutuapp just fine. Pokemon go has no joy stick or spoofing. Just reg pokemong go. Phone Lg V20.

  91. JJ says:

    I download pokemon go on my s5 and it’s not the GPS spoof with joystick. It’s the regular pokemon go. Any suggestions?

  92. Konstantin says:

    I have the same problem, help me if you find a solution
    my mail q227@mail.ru

  93. Konstantin says:

    I have ios 11.1.2
    Tutu previously worked on my phone. Stopped working after latest Pokemon update. So deleted and tried to reinstall (like normal) but can not get it to reinstall. Stats ‘this app cannot be download at this time’.
    I have tried resetting network setting but nothing changed.
    I have other friends still using this app without issues. Could you please help with my issue and by the looks of it the same issue as others.

  94. Bourbz says:

    I have ios 11.1.2
    Tutu previously worked on my phone. Stopped working after latest Pokemon update. So deleted and tried to reinstall (like normal) but can not get it to reinstall. Stats ‘this app cannot be download at this time’.
    I have tried resetting network setting but nothing changed.
    I have other friends still using this app without issues. Could you please help with my issue and by the looks of it the same issue as others.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to wall Mart and but a pre paid iPhone never activate it with the carrier use it only Wi-Fi, get tutu VIP and enjoy it via Wi-Fi only, do not update your software (ios) and you will be fine.

  95. Anonymous says:

    My tutu doesn’t work each time I try to install it back it says it won’t work can someone help:p

    • Anonymous says:

      I am having the same issue. Will not install on my iphone. Is there anyway around this or do we just wait till the site is fixed.

  96. Aslam ahamed says:

    1)iam using ios11.1.1 in my tutuhelper app. i download assasins creed:identity sometimes it works then it not works it also not verified in settings…how i once again works..
    2)not installs any games after downloaded in tutuhelper app. kindly help

  97. The Comedian says:

    For some reason I get a download data error every time I try to download something over a wifi connection through tutu app. Downloading using cellular data works fine, but I’d rather not consume so much data. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  98. Glenda says:

    Could i get help please my tutu app downloads just fine and then i get to.dowload pokemon go when it finish downloadong it asks if accept access to 4 things contacts, pictures, location just like ive seen in videos and after that it goes straight to pokemon go app and it logs in byitself it skips the step where i need to login and whete all the apps show up and enable pokemon go, so my pokemon go account opens by itself and is not hacked the hacking doesnt install what can i do?

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