Tutu App 13.5: How to Install Working Compatible App without Jailbreak

TutuApp 13.5: How to download Tutu Helper App for iPhone, iPad running most recent and latest update…

I’ve seen some frequent iOS software updates within past couple of times. IOS 10 came and gone, iOS 13.5 came and reach to 13.5. It seems like Apple is making their iPhone software more powerful and they keep going.

In last couple of updates, they made it completely difficult to install some top Cydia Apps without jailbreak such as vShare not working on iOS 13.5, TutuApp not working and gives error most of the time. Recently, I fixed Emus4u not working case on my iPhone.

To check compatibility issues and does Tutu work on 13.5 or not, I tried my iPhone to install Tutu App 13.5 on iPhone 8 and found that it still working after couple of tricks because new firmware have new settings and we need to make it compatible either other way if there is change in settings.

So, here I’m gonna show you exact steps that I’ve done in order to install TutuApp 13.5 without thinking of jailbreak or anything else. During trial period, I tried many things and double check most of the article published on web to install Tutu Helper app, but most of the articles have just links to Tutu official website and that’s it. To install correct app, I must had to follow correct method.

Well finally, I managed to get Tutu App without jailbreak on 13.5 and this would be really interesting for you too to check it out.

You would have already know that most of the popular iPhone apps such as MovieBox, WhatsAPP++, Spotify++ and may other apps won’t work, won’t install on your iOS 13.5 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Using Tutu App, you can actually download those apps easily and install them without any error.

TutuApp Installation Requirements:

You won’t need your PC to install this app, you can directly install Tutu App on your iPhone. You must have working internet, iPhone without jailbreak and running 13.5, iOS 13.5 or iOS 13.5 firmware.

If Tutu App not working on your iPhone, there are few ways that can fix it. You can either try Tutu Helper or look at or Tutu App error fixing guide.


  1. First of all, you must head to tutuapp.vip which is official website for this app. And make sure you’ve working internet connection to download the files.
  2. From above website, TutuApp 13.5 download. Remember, download regular version of Tutu, otherwise Paid, VIP version will cost you money.
  3. After downloading the app, system would confirm and then after confirmation, it would install Tutu App automatically on your iPhone.
  4. Head to Settings, General, Profiles and then find out Tutu developer profile to make it trusted.


If you are still unable to install TutuApp 13.5, you can read Tutu App not working guide.