Tutu App iOS 13.5/12.2: How to Install Tutuapp Helper Without Jailbreak

Tutu App Helper for iOS 13.5 without jailbreak…

Update: Users are required to update their out dated app and Download TutuApp 3.0 for better experience. This would solve not working and all annoying issues.

Users today I’ve something special for you to share. Tutu App Helper is the app that can be installed on iPhone or any iOS device without jailbreak. I’m so excited because we can actually install tutu app helper app without having any computer or iPhone that is jailbroken.

So users, if you were waiting for a way using you can install bunch of useful jailbreak apps, tweaks and other jailbreak stuff without jailbreak on iPhone or iPad, TutuApp Helper is the iOS hack that is available for iPhone to install.

You may have doubt that can we really install some jailbreak apps without having Cydia or any such installer without jailbreak! Then Yes! You can actually install TutuApp iOS hack to get all of those things right on your iPhone and iPad even on iPod touch too.

You may have heard that users install iPhone cr*a*c*k-ed apps with the help of Tutu Helper aka Tutu App, but installation of Tutu apps requires jailbreak, but now all of you can download TutuApp helper and install on your iOS device without any kind of computer or jailbreak.

Install Tutu Helper for iPhone

To install this application, you must follow some very simple and interning steps…

  1. You must have iPhone with internet access. After activating WiFi or mobile internet data, open Safari browser and you want to access website: tutuapp.vip
  2. Once the page is completely loaded, you would notice Download Now button anywhere on the page. Now, select Regular option for downloading the app.
  3. After selecting Regular download option, you would ask to install the TutuApp Helper iOS app. Tap on install button if asked.
  4. If you’ve successfully installed Tutu Helper app, it would be placed right on your springboard on iPhone. Try to open it.
  5. If you’re getting TutuApp Helper: Untrusted Enterprise Developer Certificate, you must trust the developer. To do that follow next step.
  6. Head to Settings app where you would have to open Device Management section. You may want to tap on General, Profile & Device Management section.
  7. Tap on TutuApp profile and trust it.


Quick Updates

Tutu iOS 13.5: The firmware is buggy, but it allows users to install Tutu apps without any need of computer or jailbreak.

Tutu iOS 13.5: It has fixed all previous bugs occurred during installation of this app on iOS 13.5.

Tutu iOS 13.5: Now when iOS 13.5 is available, you can get the latest update of Tutu App iOS 13.5 on your iPhone right now.

Tutu iOS 13.5 Beta: First and second beta have been released and till the date, TutuApp works on iOS 13.5 smoothly.

TutuApp iOS 13.5.1: After a long wait, the final version came for iOS 13.5.1. This patches many bugs and not working issues. Developer not trusted and profile related issues have been fixed.

TutuApp iOS 13.5: Stable version of Tutu Helper is out now for iOS 13.5. Users can update via Google Play Store or if you’ve iPhone, then you can download the updated version from developer site.

Tutu 13.5: The first ever beta Tutu Helper is out for 13.5. Users who are trying this firmware can try their hands on this beta version.

You’ve almost completed successful installation of TutuApp app Helper toolkit. Now, you can tap on the app helper and launch it.

Now, you’d notice that you’ve all the access to install any apps you want. If you’ve still any confusion or trouble to access your favourite content on Tutu App, you can make a short comment about the situation and I’d help you instantly.


  1. App is not working really giving me a bad time

  2. Thankyouworkingappnice

  3. This website is so stupid🤬

  4. first i install its nice working few days . after that verify error come so i delete it and try to install again but now this app start downloading but after short time message come cannot download. try many time but not working. even no other store like fnd, app vally, tweak store not install its apps. same message came. help in this matter

  5. The app gets update for iOS 13.5. Download Tutuapp iOS 13.5 update right now and be updated.

  6. Dis shit ain’t good when they gonna fix dis peice of shit

  7. Since 2 days I am trying to install pokemon go hack 1.39.1 from TutuApp but it is not installing. Every time it is popping a message”UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD” at this time.Please help me how to get it installed

  8. It said cannot connect to tutuapo.com?Is that because of my internet?

  9. This happened the other day, and I managed to find a site where I was able to get it to work. It was a mirrored site but I can’t remember which one.

  10. mine just stopped working right now, was working a few hours ago. Apps I installed from that have not been revoked however. They were revoked when I woke up today but I reinstalled them. Tutu app itself has been revoked but will not reinstall. Also, I paid for the premium io buildstore service, which i believe gets it signing from tutu app, and none of those will install either. Dammit, if only I had not installed an incompatible jailbreak tweak for my iPhone 7 Plus when it was jailbroken on 11.1. I lost the signing by 20 minutes and when I did the restore was forced to upgrade and lost my jailbreak. This is the longest I’ve gone, and it’s been almost a year I think.

  11. Tutuapp said can’t download

  12. Today nothing work since 8h ago. That’s possible???

  13. Mine says “Unable to Download App”. Pls help. I already had tutuapp but now, it’s not working anymore.

    1. Mines just cut off once I finished the raid

  14. my tutuapp downloads but when i download pokemon go and try to install all i get is the pokemon go icon in black but wont install

  15. Mine did the same. Trying to download tutu helper isn’t working either. Did this once before and all it took was time; I think about a week. Might be because of the Moltres release. I hope it works soon.

  16. I was using it as normal,
    However everything had then crashed and I was asked to re trust the apps, but when I tried, it wouldn’t let me.. So I thought I’d uninstall and then re install.. but then it wouldn’t let me re install it.. I’ve reset my network settings and tried everything.. BUT when trying to install it says that it can’t be installed AT THIS TIME… So I’ll wait for perhaps a day or 2..
    If anyone at all has been able to fix this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

    1. same here i open tutuapp i try to install an app from it and it downloads but i try to install it says. unable to download this app right now

      1. Same here he said to re trust the app but isnt working

  17. It’s still not working

    1. my tutu helper is not working

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