How to Turn Off Likes on Instagram

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are few social media websites that get frequent updates and new features. With the new update, Instagram users can hide like and or view counts on your uploaded contents and on posts.

Hide or Turn Off likes on Instagram Posts videos and pictures

Sometimes, these statistics can harm your mental health as you always look for low or high likes and view counts on your post. Most of the time, you become restless because of that.

Our tech providers have worked greatly on these parameters. They’ve introduced a couple of features to reduce mental pressure by allowing users to hide the count of likes and view on your post. Simply, post and forget to compare as they won’t have any like counts or numbers stats on your post.

Here there are some limitations and outliers. You will not be able to hide views and counts and statistical numbers from Reels and IGTV videos uploaded by you. Another thing is, if you follow the same trick to hide likes on FaceBook, you won’t be able to. Facebook at present hasn’t introduce feature to turn off likes views and numbers.

How to hide likes on new Instagram posts

When you post a picture, video or any content, Instagram shows numerous counts related to view and likes on your post. Now, if you’ll follow these steps to hide likes and views on Videos, then Instagram won’t show them under your post.

Steps are mentioned below…

  1. You’ll need to prepare a post whether with pictures or videos on Instagram as usual. Don’t post it.
  2. You’ll see the capture fill up screen. From the bottom of the screen, tap on “Advance Settings“.
  3. You’ll see a toggle named “Hide Like and View Counts“. Toggle it On.
  4. Now, come to the post screen and share it on your account.

There’s another limitation of this feature. You will follow all these steps every time before posting a new video or picture on Instagram to hide likes and views. You can’t make it default for all your new posted videos and pictures.

How to Hide Likes Numbers from Already Posted Videos or Pictures on Instagram

Thanks to the developers, you can disable views and counts from existing post too like new post that mentioned above.

  • Head to the post on which you want to hide counts and numbers from post.
  • Tap on 3 dots that will create a pop up menu.
  • Tap on Hide Like Count from the menu.
  • Done

Now, that particular post won’t show any counts or numbers.

How to Hide Likes on Someone else Instagram Videos or Picture uploads

You have done half a job when you hide likes on your Instagram posts. But, the views and counts will still be visible for other users’Instagram posts. That will also create mental pressure when you’ll see their numbers.

Don’t worry, you can hide likes from their posts as well. Follow me.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Scroll down and tap on the profile picture once.
  • You’ll notice the 3 line menu at the right top corner. Tap on it.
  • System will pop up menu. Choose Settings and Tap on Privacy.
  • You need to target Posts here. Tap on it.
  • You’ll see Toggle to hide Like and view counts. Turn it On.


Users can hide and unhide Instagram Likes as they want in future also. You don’t need to worry about losing the data.

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