TikTok Plus Tweak Adds More Power to Stock App

If you’re video creator, you’ve two options to start with. Either you choose YouTube or TikTok. If you’re going with ultra short video clips, then you may require the modded version TikTok++ to add in your journey.

Yeah today, we’ll talk about the tweaked app that got massive popularity over the last few months. Since the start of this year during Covid-19, more and more creators have joined TikTok. Since it is video creating service, it needs powerful servers. To fill that gap, they’ve introduced couple of advertising strategy along with paid addon. These paid addons add some more power to the stock app.

To get these paid addons, new features and remove advertising, users are download TikTok++ tweak.

What is TikTok++?

Stock Tik Tok app has some limitations due to restrict server overdose usage. TikTok++ adds features, unlock filters and allows users to create wonderful short clip to share on social media.

Please stick this info into your mind that TikTok++ is not officially supported or created by Android app store or TikTok officially. You won’t see any listing about this app on APK app store. Users who wanna install this app can download manually or using some app stores that I’m gonna listing below.

iTweak.vip TikTok++

If you don’t have jailbroken iPhone or iPad, don’t worry, you won’t need to jailbreak iOS at all. You can do this by using certain app stores.

First install iTweak.vip Store for Free.

  1. Using above link, download and install iTweak app store first.
  2. Once you installed, open and tap on search field to type TikTok++. You can scroll down the home page to find out TikTok Plus alternatively.
  3. Choose the tweaked version of the app from give result that you’ve searched.
  4. You may require to inject the app code into your iPhone or iPad.
  5. Once you done that you’ll have the app.

Please note: Before using iTweak.vip, check how does it work on YouTube by searching the installing any app. Injecting any code into your iPhone is not safe at all!

TikTok Plus Using TweakBox

If you don’t want to inject any code or app into your iPhone or iPad, you can use a popular TweakBoxApp store into your iPhone any iOS firmware.

First, install TweakBox app store into your iPhone or iPad for Free.

TweakBox is very famous side loading app store that contains many great tweaked app and apps.

  1. When you first time install TweakBox app store, you need to trust the developer profile from Settings. Then, open app.
  2. Search TikTok++ download link. And, tap to it.
  3. Install it, you’ll be asked to follow some simple steps during installation.
  4. Download and install it.


There are other ways also exist, you can comment below so that we extent some other ways too.

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