TeamViewer for iPhone: iOS 11 Lets You Share Screen using Team Viewer iOS 11

TeamViewer iPhone app is available for iOS 11…

Many users including me require device access on Mac or computer or on other device for many reasons. For any reason, users have to access other device screen other the air, but till yet there wasn’t any TeamViewer like app available for iPhone to allow such screen sharing.

Fortunately, the developers have TeamViewer have added the support and released and app for iOS 11 dedicating to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices to share their device screen with other devices using this app.

You have heard about ARKit, developed by Apple for iOS. Its finally coming to iOS for iPhone with iOS 11 and iPhone 8. Before ARKit support, it was nearly impossible for iPhone to share screen with other devices.

The developers of TeamViewer have made a clear announcement that from iOS 11, using ARKit, they’d start supporting iPhone and other devices such as iPad and iPod Touch to make them compatible for sharing screen with other compatible devices.

Ultimately after this update, PC whether they’re Mac and Windows or other operating system on your computer would start getting support to get access to your device using TeamViewer. As you know, this app is commonly free for many devices for personal use, it would be completely free for iPhone too.

So after getting update of iOS 11 and TeamViewer you won’t need any third party app or way to share screen with other iPhone or iPad or even to your computer. Just download TeamViewer for iPhone and that’s it.

Would you use it?


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve iOS 11 and iPhone 7 and installed TeamViewer, how to configure it to access screen from Mac computer. I haven’t used it ever before
    please help

  2. Anonymous says:

    How to Download TeamViewer?

  3. Adams says:

    There are many better options available comparing to Team Viewer for iPhone, and since this app is vulnerable, you can’t trust on it completely and specially on this days where every new day we’re facing and fighting with new virus.

    • Kyle says:

      You’re so stupid. Users who need the access of screen with second device would do anything to get this app on iOS 11.0 for free

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