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Springtomize iOS 12.1.1: The All In One Cydia Tweak Now Available

Springtomize iOS 12.1.1: The All In One Cydia Tweak Now Available for iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch

Springtomize is a bunch of smaller Cydia tweaks that brings features for control center, dock, status bar, lock screen, springboard and notification center at once and available at free of cost on HYI repo source for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Springtomize 4 would come to iOS 12.1.1 jailbreak. If you’ve older jailbroken firmware you can try either Springtomize 3 or Springtomize 2 for iOS 8.1 and iOS 7.

So today, we’re gonna show you every single option and feature from Springtomize iPhone app that an be installed on iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod Touch too.

Directly heading to features…

Once Springtomize Cydia tweak has been installed, you will notice a icon on Springtomize, you can tap it to configure it. Oh yeah, you can configure Springtomize settings from Settings.app, simply open Settings.app and scroll down to Springtomize 3.

So, here you’re getting two options to change or configure the look of your iDevice using Springtomize 3. To give it try, you need to do first thing first, means you need to enable it. Make sure that you have enable Springtomize from the first option.

Once you enable Springtomize 3, you would see different options such as Animations, App Slider, Control Center, Dock, Folders, Icons, Lock Screen, Notification Center, Pages and Status Bar.

Features at Glans…

  • Alternatives to Springtomize: IntelliScreenX, BiteSMS, Barrel, Cylinder

Animations: When you tap on Animations, Springtomize would give you a bunch of options out there to control different animations. You can control “Custom Speed”, “Icon Scrolling Animation”, “Lock Animation”.

These are the settings, which would give you amazing features. If you’ve heard about Barrel or Cylinder then you’ve better idea about these settings. You don’t need Barrel or Cylinder, because all the settings you’re getting here in this settings.

App Slider: This is the second option of Springtomize which gives you many smaller features such as you can configure Hide Icons, Home Action, Resize Pages and Inactive Apps.

Control Center: The next option is Control Center where you’ve many options to configure control center settings. There are bunch of different options available in this section of Springtomize to change for. User can hide background color from control center. There are section hiding options are also available.

Dock: This is one of the most favorite feature of Springtomize 3 that I love for. If you’ve install this tweak, you can hide dock from springboard, you can hide Background of the dock, you can resize dock if you need large or smaller dock bar. You can increase the number of icons from Dock.

Springtomize 3 has better options for Folders. Here are the bunch of settings which allow you to create nested folders and much more settings.

Icons: If you’re power jailbreak user then you would need more features related to your springboard. Springtomize gives you complete control on icons. You can disable update numbers from icons, disable uninstall, hide badges and change icons font size and background.

Couple of other features also present there…

  • LockScreen: Allows user to add or remove items from Lock Screen.
  • Pages: Give more control on pages.
  • Notification Center: Springtomize brings controls to customize notification center.
  • Status Bar: User can add or hide items from status bar using Springtomize settings.
Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:38 am