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Top 10 New Cydia Tweaks and Jailbreak Apps for iPhone X

10 Brand New Top Cydia Tweaks and Jailbreak Apps for iOS 12.1.1

Always the new jailbreak brings new Cydia tweaks. This time also,  you’d have couple of new Cydia tweaks such as Moove, AndriOS and CerCube which are really worth to install on your iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air.

These tweaks bring new ways to use iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch effectively with new style. Take a look at those Cydia Apps…

1. AndriOS iOS 12.1.1: This Android style Cydia tweak brings a lot of features to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is one the best Cydia tweak whether you’re Android fan or not. You get tons of features in one and only tweak. Its new and didn’t hit the Cydia store.

2. Moove: Do you heard anywhere about movement based tweak that operate on your movement? Moove Cydia tweak brings couple of features that can be operated by your movements. You can kill current or active apps using Moove Cydia tweak.

3. CerCube: The next Cydia tweak is CerCube iOS 12.1.1. It is one of the best and ultimate Cydia tweak for YouTube video download. You can download YouTube videos like you’ve never downloaded them ever before. CerCube is hosted on BigBoss repo source.

4. Springtomize iOS 12.1.1: This tweak is not new but contains a lot of new features that you haven’t tested ever before in previous versions. Springtomize customize whole look of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It has 3 days trial period which you can use before purchase it.

5. AppSync Unified iOS 12.1.1: Do you wanna try new version of appsync? It is under development and would be ready till  the next jailbreak release. You can install unsigned iPA files with the help of AppSync Unified Cydia tweak.

6. Auxo Legacy Edition: This is the brand new version of Auxo iOS 12.1.1. The best app switcher and multitasking Cydia tweak.

7. MovieBox iOS 12.1.1: The new version of Movie Box iOS 12.1.1 works without jailbreak, so if you wanna get new version of Movie box, upgrade your old iOS iPhone to iOS 12.1.1 right now.

8. Calypso Cydia tweak: Are you power user? You can access some internal settings of your iPhone or iPad using Calypso tweak.

9. NextGenUI5 iOS 12.1.1: This is next generation user interface springboard Cydia tweak. You should install this tweak, if you love themes.

12.1.1. Multify iOS 12.1.1: Its side by side multitasking Cydia app. One of the best app switcher and multitasking Cydia apps. Multify is available on BigBoss repo.

You can surely try these top new Cydia apps on your iPhone or iPad after jailbreaking iOS 12.1.1. Don’t forget to comment…

Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:33 am

BiteSMS iOS 12.1.1: The Best iPhone Messaging Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch

BiteSMS iOS 12.1.1: The Best iPhone Messaging Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch

BiteSMS is one of the best messaging app and none of the jailbreak app can compete or compare with. Auki iOS 12.1.1 was released for iPhone, iPad on Cydia store but it was too not so powerful as BiteSMS iOS 12.1.1

Bite SMS Cydia tweak will replace iMessage icon with it’s own, once you installed it. So after installing it, you would no longer able to use iMessage anymore. However, you can disable BiteSMS anytime from Settings.app

How to Install BiteSMS iOS 12.1.1

A long time ago, BiteSMS iPhone app was listed on Apple app store that can be installed without jailbreak or no Cydia, but later on, Apple disapproved it and then it introduced on Cydia store. Now, if you wanna download and install BiteSMS, you need jailbroken iDevice.

  • Jailbroken iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and all iDevices that can be jailbroken.
  • Make sure that your jailbroken iDevice has Cydia installer. BiteSMS can be installed only using Cydia installer. You need to add BiteSMS repo source to Cydia directory to install it.
  • BiteSMS official reopository

Above are a few requirements that are must to download BiteSMS and install on your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone.

BiteSMS team has hosted a repo source that hosts beta versions such as iOS 12.1.1. Anyways, below is the beta repository address. Add it to check all the beta versions available on their gallery.

  • http://test-cydia.bitesms.com

If you wanna try official stable version released by team, you would find it on BigBoss repo source which is added in Cydia by default. You don’t need to add it manually. Just search BiteSMS iOS 12.1.1 and tap on Install button.

Update: I noticed many users can’t install BiteSMS properly. Most of the time after installation, they can’t find BiteSMS anywhere on their iPhone or iPad. There are couple steps that can be taken based on different situations. I would recommend to comment your particular issues via comments so that we can try to fix them.


Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:39 am