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How to Download Spotify premium version on iOS and Android for Free…

Spotify++ tweak that every iOS and Android user wanted to download to enable premium features at no cost. Purchasing premium services is good and you should do it legally, because it doesn’t cost much. But, if you wanna try something new before purchasing, I want to show you couple of things that I found.

I found users in bulk who wanted to play songs on Spotify on their own demand. Perhaps, you’re already aware of such on demand songs and all that stuff. Most of them don’t wanted to go for premium services offered by music streaming app. One common question was, how to activate Spotify premium features for free?

Today, I decided to cover this story on CydiaHacks.Net. Actually, there’s an app that is known as Spotify++. It fully works on Android as well as iOS without any kind of jailbreak, Cydia or root requirement. Plus, there are many alternative ways available on these platform to install this plus version easily.

So now, you can enjoy your favorite music streaming app with all premium features without advertisements.


I’ve covered many tweaked apps on our blog, you can search about that too. You’ll get better idea what is all about these tweaked version.


Anyways, Spotify++ is another such tweaked app that enable stock app’s premium functions absolutely free. It removes ads while playing songs on your stock app. Plus, you get feature to play on demand songs whatever you want on that app.

One important info: Spotify++ is not developed or created by stock app developer. Plus, they don’t support this tweak at all. Your account may get deactivated or disable due to usage of such tweak or app. So, be careful about that.

In such case, you won’t see Spotify+ on any app store. It isn’t listed on iOS app store and you won’t see it on Android play store too. You’ll need to download any third party app stores or side load this tweak directly on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Spotify Plus for iOS

iOS users have option to use TweakBox as your side loader to load this music streaming app hack.

First, get TweakBox iOS app store.

Follow instructions that have been give on that page and follow below steps to install Spotify++.

  1. After successfully installation of TweakBox, open it and search Spotify++.
  2. You’ll get direct download link there, Download Spotify++
  3. Get the app configuration file on your iPhone or any iOS device.
  4. Install it.


Spotify++ APK for Android

Similar to iOS, Spotify Plus apk is available for Android devices too. However, there’s another catch. You need to use Tutuapp rather than TweakBox here for Android.

I’ve given Tutu link especially for Android devices. So, you can get all the information about it from the given page.

Now, what will you do after downloading and installing Tutu on your smartphone, check below…

  1. Connect your Android device and open Tutu app.
  2. Here also, you want to search “Spotify Plus“. You can add APK with the name so that you’ll get better result.
  3. You’ll get the downloading link for apk that suits with your operating system.
  4. Download and install it.


Alternatively, you can use iTweak or InjectBox for iOS iPhone or iPad.

Now, share your thoughts, edits and ideas what you’re doing with Spotify++.

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