How to Know If Someone has blocked Your Number on iPhone

Nowadays, blocking someone is a common fashion. If you don’t like someone or just getting spammed or want to get rid of that person, people block phone numbers rapidly without thinking about anything. If you also think that you have been blocked by someone on your iPhone, you can try the below hacks to know it.

However, being aware or accidentally iPhone users block someone. And suppose you think that you’re the one who has been blocked by any iPhone user, today’s hack will definitely help you out.

How to Know if someone block you on his iPhone

How to Find if someone has blocked your number on iPhone

If you have noticed, if someone decided to ignore you and ignore you, you’ll stop getting meetings, phone calls and messages from him. This is a clear sign that someone wanted to ignore or block you. Similarly, if someone has blocked your phone number on his iPhone, you’ll not get any notification or calls from him. You won’t get notified that someone has blocked you.

You can easily find out if somebody has blocked your phone number on your iPhone. Check out how we can find it.

Use iMessage to find out

First you have to make sure who has blocked your number or find out the phone number who may have blocked you. Send an iMessage to that number.

  1. Use the iMessage message app using your iPhone and type a SMS to the person. Send it.
  2. When we send any message on iMessage, we get read receipts. Just take a rough look at the message and verify, is it delivered?
  3. If someone has blocked your number, your message won’t be delivered and your message will show undelivered.

This is a clear sign that that person has blocked your phone number on his iPhone. If you had an Android phone, it would be nearly impossible to know if someone has blocked your Android number, but thanks to the iPhone that we can know and find out.

In the above trick there may be some false positive response. Suppose, the other person’s iPhone is lost or his or her network isn’t working. In this case, he won’t be able to receive your message.

How you can tell if someone has blocked your phone number on iPhone

Call to know if you’re blocked by someone on iPhone

This can be done on any phone, actually you’ll need to call the person whom you think has blocked you.

Call the suspected person and listen to the response carefully. If he hasn’t blocked you, you’ll listen to the call. If his phone doesn’t ring when you call him, it means that he or she has blocked you.

If the phone rings once and then you get a busy notification, it means you’re blocked by the contact whom you called. If it rings more than once, then you’re not blocked.

How to tell if someone blocked your number on iphone?

Calls and text messages are the best way to know if someone has blocked you. Thus, you just need to make sure to try the below things…

  1. If you get a busy notification after 1 phone call, it means you’re blocked by someone.
  2. If you directly get busy and the phone gets disconnected, it means you’re blocked by someone.
  3. If you’ve sent him an iMessage or any SMS and you don’t get a delivered notification, it also means your phone number is blocked by the person whom you were trying to call.
  4. Try calling the phone number from other mobile phone number if he picks the phone, it means he has blocked your phone number on his iPhone,

So, try these tricks when you think someone blocked your phone number on your iPhone.

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