SmartLowPower Cydia Tweak: Increase iPhone Battery Life

SmartLowPower can save huge battery life of your iPhone…

Whenever we purchase new phone, we always consider battery life even having existing device, we tweak it to get decent battery life. During this period, we often try various power saving tricks.

Normally these days, we need high battery life to battle with huge usage whole day. Most iPhone only give you a day battery life and if you forget to charge it at night, you get empty battery level next morning.

You may know that doing some tricks, you can actually save a huge battery life such as Activating Low Power Mode, Airplane Mode or disabling some features at night when you don’t need such battery eating heavy features. But, can you enable or disable all of these feature each and every day manually? Can you do it?

Here, SmartLowPower Cydia tweak comes very handy for you to do all of these things. It take cares of your usage by enable and disable battery eater features at the right time when you don’t need them.

You may know that on iOS, you can enable low power mode to extend battery power at some level. And, Airplane mode also give you additional battery life by disabling all network and mobile services so that your battery can run longer.

However, we can’t enable and disable these features manually without fail. I can enable low power mode a day, but at the same time it may be possible that the next day I’d forget to enable Low Power Mode at some point of battery level or enable Airplane mode at night.

SmartLowPower can do all of these things automatically for you. Yeah, this Cydia tweak is really very customizable and one can easily customize based on his own preference.

Smart Low Power name indicates how smartly this tweak can increase your iPhone battery life without tweaking with your usage. SmartLowPower is available on BigBoss repo from where you can install this tweak completely free.

Once SmartLowPower installed, you’d notice Settings app where you must configure this tweak to get decent battery life. You’ve to configure Low Power Mode, Airplane Mode and other features.

Tweak would enable Low Power Mode and Airplane mode based on your preference. Suppose, you’ve configured Activating Low Power Mode at 30%, the tweak would enable low power mode automatically at 30%.

Same thing would happened with Airplane mode. Suppose, you don’t need network services at night, you can configure the tweak that way and SmartLowPower tweak would enable Airplane mode at night at some period of time.

That’s it, you can now increase battery life at your own style. If you’ve any confusion or query, you can comment below…

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