How to Set Custom Alarm Ringtone in iOS 11.1.2

How to Set Custom Alarm Tone on iOS…

Custom ringtone is quite popular among phone users and even users prefer to use custom Alarm tone too on their phone. If you’ve iPhone or cellular iPad, you can also customize alarm ringtone with custom ringtone on any iOS version you’ve.

From iOS 7 till iOS 11.1.2 and may be the feature would be carried out on new firmware too, users have option to choose their own custom alarm tone on their iPhone and iPad. This requires a ringtone on your iPhone that you can set as Alarm tone.

There are bunch of default alarm tones available on your iPhone drive database, but choosing your favorite custom ringtone as alarm tone is now easy with some steps.

Today, we’d help you customize your alarm tone with custom ringtone

How to Set a Custom Alarm Tone

You need to follow some really simple and easy steps given below in order to set custom alarm ring tone…

  1. This can be done using Clock app which comes by default on your iPhone so open it.
  2. Tap on Alarm option given in the bottom area of Clock app.
  3. Now, you want to create new Alarm by tapping + button which is given on the top right area of Alarm section on Clock app. If you wanna edit existing alarm, you can tap on Edit button.
  4. Now, tap on Sound and scroll down to tap the option which says Pick a Song.
  5. You’d redirect to music playlist or library from where you can choose your favorite custom alarm tone.


Remember: You must have custom iPhone ringtone in order to set custom alarm tone for your iPhone. If you don’t have one, you can easily create iPhone ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone and if you’ve jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can directly create iPhone ringtone on your iPhone or iPad.

It’s really easy to create ringtone for your iPhone and transfer it using iTunes and this can be done for iOS 11.1.2 and all the previous firmware as well as for iPhone and iPad.

We’ve pretty confident about creating custom ringtone so if you’ve any doubt or facing difficult steps or error, please use comment form to ask for help…

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