Rendarya8 iOS 11.1.2: The Cydia Tweak That Adds Effects to Photo App

Rendarya8 iOS 11.1.2: The Cydia Tweak That Adds Effects to Photo App

iPhone is famous for photo shoot and editing. One of the best gadget to take beautiful pictures. However, the stock photo app misses couple of settings which can make it more standard.

A new Cydia tweak known as Rendarya8 is just pushed on Cydia store hosted by BigBoss Repo source that contains great controls and features for Photos app.

Rendarya8 is developed by a popular Cydia tweak creator, iMokhles. The tweak is built in with five language support that includes English, Arabic, French, Russian and Japanese.

If you’ve purchased Rendarya old version, then this update would be free for you, otherwise you need to purchase it. It would cost you around $2.99


  1. Fonts
  2. Rendarya8 Album
  3. Rendarya Everywhere
  4. Filter
  5. Adjustment
  6. Effect
  7. Blur
  8. Rotate
  9. Clipping
  10. Resize
  11. Sticker
  12. Emoticon
  13. Text
  14. BeMo
  15. Draw
  16. Splash
  17. Settings

All these features and settings allows user to edit photos and add effects.

Once Rendarya8 is installed, you can head to and change the setting related to this tweak.

You would love “Emoticon” and “Text” feature a lot that allows you to add more emoticon and text to your favorite images.

Make them more beautiful…

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