QuickPowerMode Cydia Tweak: Toggle Low Power Mode In a Tap

How to Activate Low Power Mode in just a tap on your iPhone?

Users like me always feel inconvenient while activating low power mode. Actually, it’s really annoying that you’ve to head to settings then battery specs to toggle on low power mode manually when you need it urgently.

There should be a toggle on Control center or on home screen so that we can activate low power mode in few steps or more quickly.

Fortunately, a jailbreak tweak is created that is known as QuickPowerMode and it allows users to quickly activate Low power Mode. You can toggle on or off low power mode in just one tap on battery icon.

Low Power Mode was created to maximise battery life. Overall, this power saver mode disable couple of services and apps to maximise battery. This is how, your iPhone battery lasts longer.

Once you activate Low Power Mode, it deactivates all the background activity. This is really very effective specially when you don’t have phone on your hand or you wanna check all the activity manually but you’re victim of notifications that make disturb you often with some minor notification that you’ve received.

Using QuickPowerMode Cydia tweak, you’d able to activate and disable low power mode very quickly and effectively. Normally, you’d head to settings app to toggle power saver mode whereas here you just need to tap on battery icon to toggle it on and off.

From anywhere, you can activate Low Power Mode using QuickPowerMode tweak. Once you activated the tweak, you can toggle power save mode on your iPhone from lock screen, home screen or within any app that you want.

QuickPowerMode works smoothly on iOS 11.1.2 so if you wanna toggle on low power mode without entering on Settings app, you can head to the Cydia store to download and install this tweak.

Even you won’t need to access control center, you just follow below steps to toggle on Low power mode…

  1. Tap on Battery Icon once to activate low power mode.
  2. Tap again on same battery icon to deactivate low power mode.

You would just need to install QuickPowerMode tweak in order to get this function on your iPhone, iPad or any device that is already jailbroken.

Make comments if you’ve any other query regarding the tweak.

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