Prometheus Download: Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10 Possible?

Now, you can downgrade iOS 11, iOS 10.3.3 and any firmware to lower version…

This was not first time when Apple patched iOS exploits and prevented iOS jailbreak as well as iOS 10.3 jailbreak too. Unfortunately, Apple smartly stopped signing iOS 11.1.2 firmware and thus you cant downgrade to iOS 11.1.2 at any way.

If you wanna downgrade to, you need to develop your own tool that can downgrade iOS to iOS 11.1.2 or any firmware on which you’re currently. PPHelper tool failed to released iOS jailbreak and it seems like iOS 10.3 would also be unjailbreak firmware. In this situation if you’ve chance to downgrade to iOS 11.1.2, you’d be more than happy as I.

Update: Luca Todesco is also planning to release iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak for iPhone 7, which may be available for download soon. Check the status for download from our blog.

In some distance in the past, TinyUmbrella was capable to save SHSH blobs which are very important to downgrade any firmware to the firmware which is available in form of SHSH blobs. Currently, TinyUmbrella not working on iOS 11.1.2 or iOS and thus the developers of TinyUmbrella working on a fix to make TinyUmbrella iOS version so that you can save SHSH blobs to downgrade your iPhone or iPad to the firmware that you love most. Very soon, we’d have the tool that would help to downgrade iOS to iOS 11.1.2 or any firmware you want.

The good news is, the developer Tihmstar has uploaded a video that demonstrates downgrade iOS to iOS 11.1.2 successfully. For this, he used iPhone 5s and he can easily downgrade iOS to iOS 11.1.2 and if he released it publicly, we can downgrade iOS to iOS 11.1.2 in short future. This tool is known as Prometheus.

As, Prometheus is still in the beta stage, it would be really early to say that it would work on iOS, iOS and other future version to downgrade for archiving jailbreak iOS 11.1.2. Prometheus uses APTickets, you can say that it’s just like SHSH blobs which can be used and perform Prometheus to downgrade iOS to iOS 11.1.2 or any firmware you want.

At this stage, the developers using the Prometheus iOS tool for their own use for testing it and they don’t mentioned when they would release this downgrade tool. We know that if you want to downgrade using Prometheus, you need to save APTickets just like SHSH blobs which is must have things.

Download Prometheus Downgrade tool!

I’d say it’s not completely clear about public release. As, this tool still in beta stage, it would need some times to be compatible for public use. The developers are creating the process of downgrade more smarter and easier and it would need some times.

Meanwhile, we wanna mention one thing that Prometheus only supports 64-bit devices currently. The users who wanna use this tool, have to save APTickets every time they update the firmware.

Bottom Line

You can do one thing if you don’t wanna lose iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. Don’t upgrade to iOS or any version if you’re on iOS 11.1.2 and stay tuned on it.

Once we get the final public version of Prometheus downgrade tool download link, we’d post a new article on download links or update this article with the links.

Till then save your current jailbreak. Check iOS jailbreak status here…


  1. chrome1000 says:

    With the uncertainty of any iOS 11 JB, I chose to stay with 10.1.1, jailbroken with Yalu. I did save SHSH blobs for 11.1.2. Is it possible to use Prometheus to UPgrade from 10.1.1 to 11.1.2?

  2. anshif says:

    any one help me to downgrade ios or jailbreak?😢

  3. mrstrouse says:

    I am on 9.3.3 jailbroken. can I save the shsh2 for 11.1.2 rn?

  4. jim says:

    i have iphone 6s plus 10.0.1. Can i upgrade to 11.1.2?

  5. selo says:

    i have still iOS 9.3.2 in my iPhone 6s but my jailbreak broken. then what can i do to save my shah blobs or my aptickets. or install the same iOS version on my phone to nullify my iPhone and install jailbreak again. pls help

  6. Joseph Coleman says:

    This is really nice tool, but I wanted to do something different using Prometheus. Can you help me downgrade iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 9.3.3 or if it’s easy then I can go back to iOS 11.1.2 too.

    You can reply me of you can email too. You’ve email address of mine. Don’t forget to reply.

  7. […] using PanGu or PPHelper iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak tool. I’ve listed all the tools including Prometheus which is downgrade tool developed to downgrade iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 9.3.3 easily without tension about […]

  8. Yobada says:

    can I downgrade iOS 10.0 .2 to iOS 9.3.3?
    I’m right now on iOS 11.1.2 and would update to iOS 11.1.2 to downgrade 11.1.2 using Prometheus

  9. Brian Chiem says:

    How to use Prometheus iOS tool to downgrade 11.1.2???

  10. Tarles88 says:

    use beehind ios for saving shsh,save all shsh

    • Arman gamer says:

      How can we save iOS 11.1.2 shsh blobs when I missed it and now I’m on iOS 11.1.2, How can I downgrade 11.1.2 without having SHSH. Please give me download links for SHSH blobs.

      • $n!per666 says:

        You are out of luck mate! You cannot retrieve the SHSH blobs once Apple stops signing that particular firmware or if u updated your device to a newer iOS version.

      • $n!per666 says:

        I don’t know if the older technique of using an SHSH from different iPhone same model works.But even if you could there will be that nasty sleep bug.

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