Pokemon Go Anywhere Hack, How to use it

PokemonGoAnywhere Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad…

Pokemon Go iOS and Android game is launched in most of the countries where users are crazy about playing this game. The one restriction made them so crazy and that’s something to go anywhere you want while gaming this popular game.

You can’t go anywhere you want on PokemonGo, but the game decides you to choose your path. Now using various Pokemon Go Hacks, you can actually go anywhere you desire on the platform of this game.

There are bunch of hacks available for Android devices for Pokemon Go Anywhere, but at the same time if you want to go anywhere on iPhone using the game of Pokemon Go, you need Cydia hacks that require you to jailbreak. Let’s see what can be done to get it.

  1. First you need jailbreak device in order to install PokemonGoAnywhere Cydia tweak. PanGu is free tool which can be used to jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, I’m talking about only for 64-bit devices.
  2. The jailbreak tool would install Cydia which is must have app installer for any device wanting to install PokemonGoAnywhere tweak. This tweak would allow you to tap anywhere you want to go. So just tap anywhere you want and Pokemon would go anywhere on your choice.
  3. So basically, you need to add Ziph0n repo to download and install couple of tweaks on your device to make Pokemon Go compatible for your jailbreak phone.
  4. You need to search PokePatch tweak, download it and install PokePatch iOS 13.5 hack that would bypass jailbreak detection from your device to make PokemonGo compatible for your phone.
  5. Once you done above steps, you can choose one of these Cydia hacks in which the top tweak is Poke Go ++ and PokemonGoAnywhere. You can choose one of them and go ahead.
  6. Enable the Pokemon Go Anywhere tweak and reboot your device.

Done. Pokemon Go Anywhere mode would be activated once you’ve rebooted your iPhone or iPad. Remember that install PokemonGoAnywhere hack from HackyouriPhone repo source because on that repo, you’d get these Cydia hacks for free.

So here you’ve learned how to bypass jailbreak detection and the second thing for Pokemon Go Anywhere to install PokemonGoAnywhere iOS 13.5 tweak. If you’ve anything to ask about this game or the tweak PokemonGoAnywhere, you can ask them via comments or just contact us…


  1. How to enable PokemonGo Anywhere mode on this tweak?

  2. PokemonGoAnywhere iOS 13.5 doesn’t work on iOS 13.5 and I’m right now on iOS 13.5 running Pokemon go on iPhone 5S. Can you make it compatible for non jailbreak iPhone to install Pokemon Go Anywhere hack?

  3. I need Android tweak for Pokemon Go Anywhere. Is there any tweak or hack available for android samsung device to install PokemonGoanywhere?

    I don’t have iPhone to make it possible, please help me to install it on Android too.

    please do it.

  4. Great article and great tweak to get Pokemon Go Anywhere. Now, please tell me how to do all of these things on non jailbreak device. I mean I’ve iPhone SE that’s not jailbroken and the good thing is I don’t need PanGu, PokePatch or PokeGo ++ in my case to make pokemon go anywhere. Now, the thing that I want is, making PokemonGoAnywhere hack installation on my iPhone without jailbreak.

    Is it possible???

  5. You said that there are various Pokemon Go anywhere hacks exist for Android device. I’ve a request for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device which runs on Android 6 firmware and want to install PokemonGoAnywhere app on that. But, my primary knowledge shows me that it won’t install on Android.

    I’ve request that please mention at least one Android hack for Pokemon Go Anywhere Android tweak to install as soon as possible.


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