Pokemon Go ++ Hack, How to Hack PokemonGo on Any Device

Poke GO ++ tweak is available on Cydia for iPhone, iPad…

Jailbreak is one of the best advantage for the game lover ever. Nowadays bunch of tweaks have been released for Pokemon Go which is top class and world famous game for iPhone, iPad, Android devices whether it is Samsung Galaxy or any other Android device.

Unfortunately, Android users can use these Cydia tweaks on their Android smartphone but for iPhone and iPad, users can enjoy premium features such as go anywhere, use joystick and PokePatch tweak.

These days, a new tweak is released which is known as Poke Go ++ which is also known as Pokemon Go ++. This PokeGo Plus tweak is available on Cydia from HackYouriPhone repo for free while the original version of the tweak is paid one and you can download and install from their developer repo source.

PokeGo ++ tweak enables some hidden and restricted features that you won’t use while playing Pokemon Go using GBA4iOS hack or NDS4iOS iOS 13.5. Poke Go ++ Cydia app is only available for jailbreak device and offers you some unbelievable features for Pokemon Go hack.

To make everything easy and straightforward, I would like to mention you that Pokemon Go ++ tweak is paid jailbreak app which need to purchase before use, however you HackYouriPhone repo makes Poke GO ++ tweak free for you.

Users who wanna purchase original app can buy this tweak from the developer repo source while HackYouriPhone repo is open for your jailbroken device to install.

Users having iOS 13.5 can jailbreak iPhone or iPad and then you can install Poke Go ++ on your device. Again unfortunately, Android users won’t be able to download and install PokeGO Plus Cydia tweak on their Smartphone.

The most important thing for iPhone users about Poke GO ++ that it’s not Pokemon Go In app Purchase cracker and you won’t be able to get free in app purchases for Pokemon Go using Poke Go Plus tweak. So, if you’re thinking to get some Pokemon GO hacks using this in app purchase cracker, you’d be failed.

Undoubtedly, Poke GO ++ bring some most advance and requested features for Pokemon Go, but it won’t let you install any Pokemon Go in app purchases for free.

Below are the features which you can get from Pokemon GO ++ tweak…

  1. JoyStick: You’ve heard about JoyStick feature while playing Pokemon Go, you can use JoyStick if you’ve installed PokeGo ++.
  2. Pokemon Go Anywhere: You don’t need to install separate PokemonGoAnywhere Cydia tweak in order to go anywhere on Pokemon game using this feature exclusively added in Poke Go Plus tweak.
  3. Fake Location: Again spoofing location needs another small tweak to enable this feature, but if you’ve installed Poke Go ++ on your iPhone, you don’t need that Pokemon Go tweak additionally for your device. You can enable fake location via settings app.
  4. Patrol Mode: You can use Patrol Mode while playing Pokemon Go for iPhone running this tweak. You would need to enable this feature via settings app.
  5. Go to Home: A separate button would be appear on the screen while enabling this feature from Poke Go Cydia tweak.
  6. There are bunch of other Pokemon Go hacks available in this tweak so don’t miss it.

How to Install Poke Go ++ Cydia tweak

Please note that PokeGo ++ is tweak which works only on jailbreak device, if you don’t have jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can use PanGu to get Cydia and jailbreak the device.

  1. Enable WiFi and Open Cydia.
  2. Tap on Sources which can be found on the bottom of the screen.
  3. On the next screen, tap on Edit and then Add. Here you want to add HYI repo source.
  4. Add http://repo.hackyouriphone.org
  5. Once you’ve this repo, tap on search tab and type Poke Go ++.
  6. You’d get most updated version for your firmware, tap and install it.
  7. Reboot your iPhone before using it.

Note: you’d need to enable your desire features before playing Pokemon Go on your iPhone or iPad. If you’ve anything confusing, you can comment below to ask your query…


  1. Just another statement that the walk speed is too fast. Need to come down to 10kph or less.

    1. Game expert can do it for you

  2. i have a jailbroken iphone on ios 9.0.2, How do i install the new tweak for pokemon? i tried the above directions but my app just closes when i open pokemon go. any help is appreciated!

  3. The “egg” speed is still too fast for egg hatching. Need a much slower walking speed option.

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  5. Can you make ik for Android to please

  6. How can I get Pokemon++ on an android device? This seems to only be for iPhone

  7. I want to install Pokemon go++ tweak on my iPhone without jailbreak

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