How to Paste a Screenshot on Mac OS

Do this to paste screenshot on Mac…

  1. You will need to copy screenshot that you want to paste anywhere. Open it and Press Command+C
  2. Now, open other screenshot, mail or document where you want to paste that copied screenshot.
  3. On that other place, press Command+V to paste screenshot that you copied in 1st step.
  4. Adjust it


Paste screenshot

This is as simple as copy and paste other things on Mac or Windows. Yep, it could be harder on iPhone or iPad if you say. Anyway, now just try that steps and write down comment that you were able to do that or not.

Pasting screenshot on Mac isn’t easy?

I often find it useful when I do edit a screenshot and I want to merge two screenshots together. Also, you’ll find it useful when you want to paste any screenshot on mail or any other document.

Don’t forget to crop a screenshot before using it copy and paste or merge it with other document. We’ve covered detailed article to crop images.

Do you ever found it difficult to find screenshots that you want to copy and paste? You can learn how you can save a lot of time in finding screenshots on your mac so that you can instantly find out those images and use with other documents.

Other Apps to Paste Images in other Documents or Image

There’s well known apps available on the web that allows edit a image with advanced tools. That apps allows users to copy and paste any image with auto adjustments.

The same way some online services available for free that do the same job.

Share your thoughts and Experience

Do you also used to paste screenshot any way? Please share your experience how you used to do it also share tool if you are using any application or tool to edit your document to paste other screenshot or image in your document.

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