PanGu App and Cydia not working, Not Opening, How to Fix Jailbreak Issues

PanGu not working on iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak…

PanGu jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 is now publicly available for all users except iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and other devices that are not 64-bit. It means PanGu won’t work on the devices which are not 64-bit.

Whole Jailbreak model has been changed and now we can use a app to jailbreak without computer. It brings couple of complications and errors and still need a lot of things to do for PanGu to fix not working cases.

Users having Windows 11.1.2 or previous operating systems, PanGu jailbreak can be performed to install Cydia and other apps on your iPhone and iPad. If you’ve iPhone 5S or above and Windows 11.1.2 to use PanGu and still you’re facing not working issues, you can follow some easy steps to fix them.

While jailbreak iOS 11.1.2, you may face Cydia not working, FaceTime not working, PanGu not working and failed jailbreak issues as well as Apple ID issues with profile verification cases. You can fix most of these issues very easily.

We’d mention here that PanGu is still working on fix that can make it compatible for iPad Pro and iPod Touch 6G because these are devices on which PanGu not working cases have been occurred. Very soon, jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 would work on these devices too.

At this stage, I can say that there are a lot of things that you can do to fix all the issues if iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak not working using PanGu on Windows operating system. It is being said that the new version would be out for MacOS Sierra soon with the support of iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak as well as possible iOS 9.4 jailbreak too.

Before iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak, you can fix PanGu jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 using below steps…

  1. PanGu not opening: First make sure that you’ve latest version of Windows Computer on which you’re trying to open jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 app for your iPhone. If you’re trying it on Mac, PanGu won’t open. Retry opening it on Windows as Administrator access until you got it working. Do restart as necessary.
  2. PanGu Apple ID issues: Sometimes PanGu tool may give you error connecting Apple ID. You should note that if you’re using wrong Apple ID for some reasons, PanGu won’t work. It won’t accept Apple ID which is wrong or has been disabled.
  3. PanGu jailbreak without computer: If you’re trying Safari browser to jailbreak iOS 11.1.2, please use Computer because PanGu won’t work without computer and the correct method which is released by PanGu is using Windows Computer.
  4. Activator Boot loop Issue: If you’ve installed Cydia tweaks such as Activator and facing bootloop issue, please remove it using iFunBox or iFile iOS 11.1.2. If whole Cydia not working, try another trick to fix it or reinstall it.
  5. Cydia not working: It may be possible that Cydia won’t open or it won’t reload data. It’s normal because you know that iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak is new and it may contains errors. You can try connecting Cydia to prevent not working issue or just delete it and install again.
  6. FaceTime not working: Many of iPhone users have reported that FaceTime not working after PanGu iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. If you’re facing FaceTime not working issue, make sure that you’ve entered correct Apple ID while jailbreaking and after jailbreaking. Try to enter all the details regarding your Apple ID into your device again.
  7. PP jailbreak app not working: For some reasons PP App not working issues would be appear, don’t worry about it. Just reconnect your iPhone to your WiFi and try again.

Note: Winterboard not working? Springtomize not working? BiteSMS not working? MyWi not working? Look, there are couple of jailbreak apps and Cydia tweaks not working correctly because they’re not update. Please wait for updated version.

Update for iOS 11.1.2: Apple released iOS 11.1.2 to kill PanGu Semi-Tethered jailbreak. PPHelper, PanGU App not working with this firmware. As, PP App which is released by Pangu for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak not working, it won’t open on this firmware as well along with Cydia installer too. Please stay away from iOS 11.1.2 if you don’t wanna lose your jailbreak.

Update for iOS 11.1.2: iOS 11.1.2 is latest release by Apple and it’s not supported by PanGu jailbreak. PPHelper, Cydia and PP app not working on this firmware too. PanGu has officially tweeted that they don’t have any plan to release any jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 for this firmware. Their apps, jailbreak won’t work on iOS 11.1.2 too.

Update for iOS 11.1.2 (September 11.1.2): PanGu is working on iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak, and they’ve demonstrated PanGu 1o jailbreak on iOS 11.1.2 beta version where PanGu not opening in most cases they’ve tried. Because of it’s beta version, they’ve not released it. If you’re trying PPHelper or PP Jailbreak app compatible for iOS 11.1.2 on iOS 11.1.2, PanGu and Cydia not opening error would come up and it can break your device. So, please stay away from kidding with the PanGu app if it’s not compatible with iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

We recommend to post a comment if you’re facing any other error related to PanGu not working. Remember that there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed and your comment can fix them all.


  1. bildungsroman says:

    I jailbroke my 5S 11.1.2 using the English Pangu tool and everything worked fine… for a week. After a week, it suddenly rebooted itself and I couldn’t re-jailbreak on the phone as the certificate had expired. I got on my computer and re-jailbroke and everything was fine.

    One week later, same deal. I try to re-jailbreak from my Mac using Impactor and it installs Pangu with no problems. I run Pangu, all seems fine, but after the respring my phone is still not jailbroken. The Pangu app is there as is Cydia, but Cydia crashes and none of my tweaks are working.

    I’ve tried this several times now. Passcode/touch/find my iPhone are all disabled. Help!

  2. Adrian says:

    i jailbroke ios 11.1.2 and recently my touch-id wasn’t responding so i restored my phone through cydia eraser but unfortunately it didn’t work so i removed tweak and i restored my iPhone through the phone settings so everything worked and when i tried to re jailbreak with English version using impactor it would do its normal process then respring but after the respring their is no cydia and when i open jailbreak app it says jailbreak succeed and i tried everything and i still cant get cydia HELP PLEASE

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      If Cydia not opening or something related to that issue, you can reinstall Cydia separately. To do that you can use iPA Installer to install Cydia from scratch. If you having PanGu app not opening issue, it would need fresh jailbreak.
      Have you tried above steps?

      • Adrian says:

        i can open pangu app but then it says creating jailbreak and the blue circle spins and wont stop and never resprings but when i use the English version of pangu app it resprings with out a hassle but it just doesn’t install cydia again and i dont know how to install cydia ipa can u help me

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t launch pp app or cydia on my ios 11.1.2 jailbroken iphone 5s

    • C says:

      Me neither. 🙁 And the setting for trusted apps is now missing from Settings. Total bummer.

      • Joseph Coleman says:

        It seems, PPHelper not working as well because PPHelper should fix all these issues. If PPHelper not opening, you should report to PanGU team for fix. I’m sure for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak, they’d consider these issues for fix.

  4. Navi says:

    Ppjailbreak not working,,,after opening pp app ,,and click on circle ,,then locked no notification shows and then it restarted the iphone ,,,but again my phone comes in disabled jailbreak mod,,,i tried many times,,,!! Bt it doesnt work for me,,,,,any help?

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      PP App not opening error comes when your iOS is corrupt, so before fixing PP app iOS 11.1.2, you need to fix your iOS and refresh it using Cydia eraser iOS 11.1.2

  5. Jolly1 says:

    I have reinstalled 11.1.2 many times. Have rejailbroken many times. Cydia thinks I am on ios 6. Cannot purchase apps due to incompatibility. Any ideas?

  6. Mattc7311.1.2 says:

    I have had my iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak for a while now and ever since my phone died it has stopped working. When I go to re-enable the jailbreak with the pangu app that I installed from my Mac with Curia impactor, I get the notification and my phone resprings but it never comes off the apple logo page. I held the power button and home botton for 11.1.2 seconds and then it went back to my lockscreen but the jailbreak didn’t work and I tried doing it again many times but it always got stuck on the apple logo. Please help

  7. Dave says:

    .I installed the Pangu with the impactor it even says jailbreak succeed, but Cydia didn’t installed, no icon to click on to open? That’s three Times!

  8. Trevor says:

    The pangu app it installs crashes instantly after opening. It didn’t always do this. It has ever since my phone died

  9. Palooo says:

    Finally pangu couldnot compete the Apple challenge an other words may be pangu fail…

  10. Rompe_madre says:

    I hit “start” and then “please lock screen ” show for an instant and then says failed to jailbreak

  11. Aj says:

    Cydia is not opening correctly, it just open and closes!

  12. Juan L says:

    iPad mini 2 stays stuck in the boot logo and it won’t respring after jailbreak is attemped.. Solutions??

  13. MNG says:

    When I use the pangu app thing, no notification shows up telling me it’s going to respring (but I think to myself, that’s fine) and it resprings anyway. After it does, it is supposed to install Cydia, correct? Didn’t for me. Nothing shows up. My iPhone is a 5s and is running iOS 11.1.2. Any help?

  14. Joseph Coleman says:

    PanGu not working on Mac, it shows error while extracting Cydia Impactor
    please help I need iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak

  15. Arman gamer says:

    Thanks for posting great article. Please help me with AppSync Unified Cydia tweak. AppSync not working

  16. Jason Zakrajsek says:

    LocaliAPStore not working!!! I’m crazy about it. Please help to fix it.

  17. Attila Morvai says:

    iFile not working, how to fix it?

  18. Joseph Silva says:

    Cydia was not working but after I reinstall again, it’s fixed now. Thanks

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