Pandora Downloader for iPhone: The Best Pandora Cydia Tweak Ever

Pandora is a famous music streaming service. It has huge number of fans and users all over the world. It can be access using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. But, if you’ve iPhone or iPad and it’s jailbroken, then your experience would be something different.

There are many music player, video streaming apps available on Cydia store, but Pandora Downloader is clearly different and the best Cydia tweak to get unlimited Pandora music streaming. It runs silently in the background and works just like default music app. Unlike other Cydia tweaks, you can play downloaded music songs without connecting to internet. It means, Pandora Downloader saves music on iPhone drive to play offline.

Thanks to Cydia. There are many great jailbreak apps available on Cydia store specially developed for Pandora music service. Pandora Downloader is the best out of them that allows jailbreak users to download Pandora songs unlimited time.

Pandora Downloader is so famous because it allows user to listen a song streaming before downloading a song. User can download unlimited number of songs from Pandora music using downloader Cydia tweak. You just need iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and Cydia using jailbreak. That’s it.

Pandora downloader offers various features…

1. Pandora One: You can enable or disable through settings penal.

2. Unlimited Skips: To get unlimited number of skips, you don’t need to install another Cydia tweaks. You’d get Unlimited Skips feature directly in Pandora Downloader.

3. Unlimited Listening: Users are able to enable or disable unlimited listening feature. By activating this feature, you can listen music without stucking anywhere.

4. No Monthly Limit: There isn’t any limit for downloading music from Pandora. You can easily enable this feature.

5. Ads: The ads feature can be disable via settings menu by turn it off.

To install Pandora downloader, you need to add correct Cydia repo and look for compatible downloader app for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone. Pandora downloader is available on various sources. To add correct repo url, you need to follow this article carefully.

How to Install Pandora Downloader Using Cydia

Cydia can easily install Pandora downloader on your iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone after jailbreaking your device. Remember that this downloader is available only for jailbroken device.

Go 1: The first and very essential step is adding the correct repository address on your jailbroken device. There are few Cydia sources available for such tweak. To add the correct one, tap on “Sources”, “Edit”, “Add”.

Go 2: xSellize, HackYouriPhone, BiteYourApple and BigBoss repos are the best Cydia sources that may contain Pandora Downloader Cydia tweak. Add one by one repo URL and search the tweak.

Go 3: After adding repo address, return to Cydia and tap on the repo address that you’ve added just in above step. Scroll down and find out the tweak and tap on it.

Go 4: You’d definitely found install button on the installation page, tap on it and download Pandora downloader iPhone tweak, if you’ve iPhone 6, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S or any other iOS device. Complete the installation and reboot your device.
Congratulations! You’ve just downloaded and installed Pandora downloader successfully.
Pandora Downloader Alternative Cydia Tweaks

There are couple of alternatives available to Pandora Downloader. PandoraSkips, Pandora Essential and Pandora Music App are few best alternatives known for this tweak. PandoraSkips and downloader, both can be installed and work on Android device too.

Pandora Downloader Troubleshooting

1. Jailbreak tweak often crashes while accessing first time: You can avoid this case by updating or installing most current and updated Pandora downloader Cydia tweak.

2. Lake of Official Repo Source: You may have argue that there isn’t any official repo source available for this tweak. But, you may not found official repository for any jailbreak app itself.

3. Pandora Downloader not working on older Apple devices: It works smoothly on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, 5C, iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Touch and all the most current and updated iPhones and iPads.

4. Pandora Downloader iOS 13.5 not available: Look, it works on almost all jailbroken firmware. Suppose, you’re planning to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13.5 or iOS 13.5 or any iOS device that isn’t jailbroken, then it would not work at any cost. Simply, you must have jailbroken device to run Pandora Downloader.

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