vShare iOS 12.2: v Share is the Best Alternative to InstallOus and AppulOus

Many Cydia users claim that vShare iOS 11 can install full version games and applications on your iPhone, iPad. Lets check, how to get it.

vShare iOS 11 is the best place to download and install full version apps from Apple App Store. Many jailbreak iOS 11 users claim that they are able to use full version apps and games without paying anything to App store using vShare.

AppVV developers have developed this jailbreak app and other clients. They have separate forum to support their product. As per the community members, the forum is quite active and they updates new full version games and apps as soon as they released on App Store. You can download their clients from AppVV repo source.

v Share is a jailbreak app that can be installed using Cydia App Store. You need to do only a few things and the whole world of apps would be yours. This kind of apps works great on Games specially.

Got confused? Do you heard about InstallOus or do you have used AppulOus? Actually, they got shutdown a while ago. InstallOus, AppulOus and vShare offers full version apps and games for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

Who knows, this year vShare would support Apple Watch Jailbreak too! Anyways, we were talking about v Share jailbreak app and how to install it. As you know it’s a Cydia tweak, you must have jailbroken iDevice in order to take full benefit of vShare iOS 11.

vShare iOS 11 Alternatives: If you wanna install similar apps like v Share, then AppCake, HipStore, Kuaiyong, 25PP, AppAddict, InstallOus and AppulOus are the best jailbreak apps alternative to vShare.

How to Install vShare repo and AppVV Client

First jailbreak iPhone, iPad and install Cydia. After the first step, go to springboard and open Cydia. Tap on Sources and add http://repo.appvv.com repo source.

Search vShare and choose the genuine app from AppVV developer’s website. Install it and reboot your iPhone.

Again, go to springboard and open vShare app. Search or navigate a whole new world of apps and games.

If you’re facing errors or any trouble, lets share with us, we’re more than happy to look into it…

Update: vShare iOS 11 has been released that is capable to install many jailbreak apps without jailbreak on iOS 11. So, I recommend those users who are on iOS 11 without jailbreak to install vShare and install MovieBox, GBA4iOS and other great stuff without jailbreak.

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WhatsApp++ for iPhone iOS 12.2: Get Two Account on a iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro is available for Download…

Update: Now, you can get WhatsAPP++ iOS 11 without jailbreak your iPhone 8 or any older device. WhatsAPP Plus iOS 11 is something specially designed app for iOS 11.1 and initial version of this firmware series, I mean iOS 11. Rather installing it on iOS 12.1.1 compatible version, you should move to iOS 11 version that can be installed without any help of Cydia at all.

The developers of WhatsAPP have managed the very popular messaging platform in a reputable way. They are trying to bring each and every necessary feature which they can bring.

It may have some missing features which can be fulfil if you’ve jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device. Yeah, I’m talking about WhatsAPP Plus Cydia tweak.

PanGu jailbreak iOS 12.1.1 has been successfully landed to iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 9.2 devices as well as iOS 12.1.1. You can install Cydia tweaks, jailbreak apps as well as Cydia themes and many other things.

WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone is a tweak that users using nowadays to enable hidden features of this popular messaging platform. If you’re one of them, you should at least read this article about WhatsAPP+ and recently they released WhatsAPP++ Cydia tweak too.

According to the developers, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPod Touch users can also enjoy WhatsAPP on their device if they can get WhatsPad and WhatsAPP iPA file on their device some way.


  • JB is most famous word in the community of Cydia and for those who have iPhone or iPad. You need to unlock your iPhone or iPad in order to install WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone or iPad. For that PanGu iOS 12.1.1 jailbreak is must.
  • Cydia installer iOS 12.1.1 is also required because without any installer or AppSync how would you put WhatsAPP plus on your device? So, use Cydia Subtract with PanGu jailbreak.
  • Cydia Sources are very important in order to get WhatsAPP Plus for free. WhatsAPPA+ tweak is hosted on various repos, you need one free version of working messenger app hack.

WhatsApp Plus Features

Take a look at detailed features of the tweak…

  • I agreed that WhatsAPP iOS 12.1.1 has all the necessary features and cool UI as well. However, WhatsAPP Plus brings ++ set of new features to the app. You can change background color, wallpaper, size of the font and many more.
  • Using WhatsAPP Plus, you can send unlimited number of files and it’s not the limit but you can transfer big size files too. With this option, you can send Zip, PDF and many great attachments with this Cydia tweak.
  • Stealth Mode: You may have heard about WhatsAPP Plus Stealth Mode. Yeah, you can hide yourself and may available as Stealth for people to whom you don’t want to answer.
  • In this regard, Disable Read Receipts is also a cool feature that would disable read icon and notification for those users who follow you on the messaging platform.
  • If you want you can disable Delivery Receipts too with Read Receipts to make your identity hidden and stealth.
  • Music Sharing, Voice Sharing and Video Sharing becomes very easy and convenient with WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, Android and iPad using various tweaks available on Cydia App Store and Google Play Store.
  • There are many hidden features available in WhatsAPP Plus like Cloning feature that clones WhatsAPP account and double account on the same device. It means, you can use two WhatsAPP account number on one device.
  • WhatsAPP Plus iOS 12.1.1 available with few more updates so you can download the best set of features from Cydia.

How to Install WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, iPod, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air

There are some really easy steps need to complete if you want WhatsAPP+ for iPhone or iPad…

  1. Jailbreak and install Cydia.
  2. Add a Cydia repo that contains WhatsAPP Plus.
  3. Download WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone.
  4. Install and reload Cydia data.
  5. Done

If you’re failed to activate WhatsAPP for some reasons or need two account on one device, there are some tricks to do this genuinely.

If WhatsAPP not working after installing WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad, you can comment below because wrong configuration of the tweak may break native messaging app on your iPad or iPhone.

Comments can be handy to bring solutions for fix.

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iOS 11.0.3 IPSW, Battery Life, Downgrade, Jailbreak & More

iOS 11.0.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

iOS 11 is full of bugs. Since the release, users are reporting and Apple is fixing those bugs. Both the ends are busy either in reporting or fixing. IOS 11.0.3 may end all of these issues related to software updates.

At the same time, Apple is getting ready with iOS 11.1 for iPhone X. IOS 11.0.3 and iOS 11.0.4 would be most probably the next firmware updates coming for Apple devices specially for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

iOS 11 has battery issues and this is said in many user complains. Now, Apple has start reacting to these complaints and making some adjustment accordingly.

For the first time, Apple has to face many things together. IPhone X needs to be ready for the November shipment and for pre booking. Until then, Apple has planned to release iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.0.4 and may be iOS 11.0.5 too.

With recent update, Apple has fixed couple of common issues occurred in recent release. One of the biggest bug was resolved that was related to phone calling. Some static noise was occurring during phone calls and this was reported by many users.

iOS 11.0.3 Battery Life

Battery draining issue was also on the top of the heals. I met with many friends who have iOS 10.3.3 installed. I recommended them to upgrade to iOS 11, but they replied my that iOS 11 has battery life issues. They won’t upgrade, then I explained whole issue regarding iOS latest update. Finally, they upgraded their iPhone to iOS 11.

iOS 11.0.3 Jailbreak

If you’re not jailbreak lover, you shouldn’t have any issue upgrading to iOS 11.0.3 or any latest firmware as iOS 11.0.3 jailbreak isn’t available yet. It was being said that PanGu and now Luca (developer of Yalu) are preparing their hands to release jailbreak 11.0.3 and they’d be ready till the final release. Now when iOS 11 is already out, none of the jailbreak is getting final release.

Downgrade iOS 11.0.3

While many users asking me that they wanna downgrade iOS 11 as this firmware is totally buggy. They wanna directly jump to iOS 11.1, until then they would downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3. Look, the signing window of iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.3 are already closed by Apple. Yeah, you may use Prometheus downgrade app for computer and use it to downgrade without any need of iTunes.

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MovieHD iOS 12.2: Try New Interface on iPhone Without Jailbreak

The latest version of MovieHD has hit the web for iPhone, iPad…

Users who haven’t tried this app before I must say that this is golden opportunity to install this app without jailbreak because before it wasn’t possible at all to install MovieHD without jailbreak, but now after having iOS 11, you’re actually able to download and install this tweak on your iPhone running latest firmware update.

If you’re not aware of MovieHD, I have to explain couple of things here. You may have used MovieBox, Bobby MovieBox, ShowBox or PlayBox in the past, Movie HD is nothing but the very much newer alternative to all of those apps.

MovieHD has all new features set for iOS 11. The internal settings and configuration have been changed accordingly. Due to new compliance issue, the developers have to restructure the app completely.

You may use your computer to download and install this app on your iPhone with the help of data cable, Cydia Impactor along with computer that have iTunes installed. Now, if you don’t have any computer or iTunes installed, you can follow the trick that I’m gonna mention below.

You can follow below steps to download MovieHD iOS 11 without jailbreak iPhone…

Note: This tweak doesn’t require any computer, iTunes or MovieHD iPA at all. This method requires third party app.

  1. So, first of all you need to decide whether you’d use vShare, TutuApp, 25PP, iPhoneCake, Kuaiyong. There are other options also available such as Cyrus Installer and iNoCydia. But, I’d recommend any one out of these apps and if you can manage to use vShare or Tutu App to install MovieHD, then it would be best.
  2. After installing any one app, open that app and search MovieHD on it’s database.
  3. Once you found, tap install button and complete installation.
  4. Check the app is working or not.

If MovieHD not working or TutuApp won’t install apps, you can comment below. I’ve attached all the download in the post.

Note: If you’d use computer, you can use Xcode too, If you’re developer. Using Xcode, you won’t require to install iTunes or Cydia Impactor at all.

Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:33 am

TweakBox for iPhone: Install ++ Tweaked Apps Without Jailbreak iOS 12.2

TweakBox iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad…

Before a year on my iPhone 7, there were a bunch of tweaks and apps installed on my iPhone after utilizing Yalu jailbreak. Now, I want to download few important Cydia apps because I can’t jailbreak iOS 11 (Not available).

After a decent search, I got TweakBox installed. Thanks to the developers of this tweak as it offers really good amount of apps without making any adjustment to my iPhone. You won’t be asked to jailbreak iPhone 8 or any device you have.

If you’re much experienced and wanna break some boundaries that Apple has created around iPhone, then you can download TweakBox, and that tweak can give you bunch of other options easily. The most easy part that I like in Tweak Box, is that I don’t need to do anything in order to install my favorite ++ tweaked apps for free.

You’d get something similar to App Store that is listed with bunch of apps. TweakBox is also filled with many useful tweaks even paid one for free.

You may have heard of Tutu App, 25PP, Kuaiyong and vShare, but TweakBox is better than all of those apps. The biggest reason for that is, most of those apps not working these days on iOS 11 and since tweak box is compatible for latest version, you won’t get any error related to installation.

Basically, you’ve two options to install TweakBox iOS 11 on your iPhone. You may hire Computer that have Windows or MacOS installed. Here you’d need to download iPA file of this tweak and use it with Cydia Impactor. And the second way is, you must run the installation website and install it right on your iPhone or iPad using your default browser.

If you wanna use your iPhone to install this tweak box, you can follow below steps…

  1. Run any web browser on your iPhone after connecting to WiFi.
  2. You need to run TweakBoxApp.com website using your browser.
  3. System would detect your iOS version and accordingly would ask you to download and install the app once you tap on Download button.
  4. The app would be installed right away on your iPhone when you complete some on screen instruction given on the installation page.

You’ve successfully completed all the installation steps.

After successful installation, you need to open the app and choose any tweak available out there on their database.

TweakBox Updates

iOS 11.0.1: The updated version of Tweak Box now supports YouTube++. You can download updated version for iOS 11.0.1 and install accordingly.

iOS 11.0.2: As Apple released iOS 11.0.2 update, the developers updated core files of TweakBox iOS 11.0.2 app, you can install this app on your newly installed iOS firmware.

iOS 11.1: Finally, the developers have done a great job by offering this app for iOS 11.1 beta too.

If it won’t install apps or not working, you can comment below…

Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:33 am

iOS 11.0.2 Battery, Downgrade, Jailbreak, Cydia & More

iOS 11.0.2 is replacement of iOS 11.0.1 for iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and other devices…

Since iOS 11 has been released by Apple publicly, problems start appearing. The first issue was occurred due to battery, second was Camera issue and recently some users have reported static noise over voice call. As a result, Apple has to push another quick update of iOS 11.0.1.

But instead of fixing old issues, iOS 11.0.1 creates more serious problems if we believe some users feedback. If you see Reddit, Twitter account of Apple, you can easily see bunch of complaints and negative feedback from those users who have installed iOS 11.0.1.

According to general feedback, battery draining issue isn’t fixed with iOS 11.0.1. 3D Touch is also lagging. Many users are complaining about Music app crashing. While other users are reporting regarding lock screen hang and WiFi connection issues.

Below are some of the examples that you should look on the go…

“Does your iPhone freezing frequently and then restarting automatically? I’m getting such problems after installing iOS 11.0.1. Hey Apple, please release iOS 11.0.2 as early as possible.”

“My home screen freezes, 3D Touch not working properly. My iPhone 7 is getting slower and slower even after upgrading to iOS 11.0.1.”

“It seems like iOS 11.0.1 is still in beta. Many apps installed on my iPhone that don’t working normally. Most of the time phone freezes. WiFi not working after installing iOS 11.0.1. I need to update iOS 11.0.2 either.”

“I’m facing heavy battery drop and battery draining issues. I’m not using WiFi or gaming at all. Despite battery draining rate is quite high. I’ve iPhone 8.”

“iOS 11.0.1 WiFi not connecting and once I connect somehow, it can’t be turn off.”

This is the first time when Apple has released such a leggy firmware update for iPhone. It is being said that Apple has made hurry in releasing iOS 11. And took some wrong decisions making iOS 11 file system so unstructured.

While experts believe that iOS 11.0.2 may come quickly as a fix to iOS 11.0.1. Till then, you can downgrade iOS firmware if you’ve some serious issues. Or there is iOS 11.1 to install, but its also in beta stage.

Since there are so many bugs, it seems like jb community would find some exploits from iOS 11 and release jailbreak iOS 11.0.2. As Saurik strongly believe that jailbreak 11 would be out soon, we should also keep calm and wait for the release.

Apple would try to fix all of these issues right before shipping iPhone X with iOS 11.1, so they’re making testing so hardly before the time.

Are you getting any issue after iOS 11.0.1 installed?

Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:33 am

How to Downgrade iOS 11.0.1 to iOS 10 [Restore iOS 10.3.1 to Jailbreak]

Downgrade iOS 11 before its too late, Apple is gonna stop signing iOS 10.3.1 any time…

You may have iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and if you’ve upgrade to iOS 11 at any situation, you’ve last chance to restore iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 11 for jailbreak purpose.

As you may already aware of that Apple stops signing older firmware as soon as new firmware is released by the company. Now when, iOS 11 publicly out, the iPhone maker company is most likely stop signing iOS 10.3.1 firmware as soon as possible.

For regular users who don’t love jailbreak, they don’t need to react about downgrade iOS 11, but the jailbreak and Cydia users have last chance for downgrade 11 to iOS 10.3.1 now.

After bunch of beta tests and fixing lot of bugs, Apple is sure about the public version of iOS 11. The iPhone maker company has patched all the exploits and vulnerabilities so that you won’t jailbreak iOS 11 at any way. Now, if you want jailbreak again, you must downgrade iOS 11 and restore iOS 10.3.1 because possible next jailbreak is iOS 10.3.1 developed by PanGu team.

Apple has pushed iOS 11 to the public users, it means if you’ve iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is compatible for iOS 11, you can head to settings app after enabling WiFi or mobile data, if you’re eligible for the update, you’d be asked to download iOS 11 and once its downloaded, the system would confirm installation.

Look, its not necessary to downgrade iOS 11 because there is some very valuable new features and bug fixed. Now, you’d have more stable and secured firmware. A WiFi exploit has been fixed by Apple in iOS 11 so that no hacker can hack iOS 11.

With security, iOS 11 offers so many new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements. So no doubt, iOS 11 is one of the most advance and useful update form Apple for all iPhone and iPad devices.

How to Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 12.1.1

Yeah iOS 12.1.1. Its still possible to downgrade iOS 11 to 12.1.1 using Prometheus iOS downgrading tool. This is free downgrade tool available on the web that can downgrade iOS 11 to any firmware whether its signed by Apple or not.

So basically, you can downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 12.1.1 also. You just need to wait a couple of days and some YouTube users would upload their demonstration video. If you’d request via comments, I’d also upload demonstration video.

Is it possible to downgrade to iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 11?

Yes, its possible. You’re already aware that Apple has already stopped singing iOS 10.3.1, however, if you’d use Prometheus downgrade tool, you can restore iOS 10.3.1 easily.

You may need some expert help for downgrading 11 for that.

Why you need to restore iOS 10.3.1?

Before deciding to downgrade 11, its really important to know why you want to downgrade newly released firmware as it has better security features, updates and many other things?

If your answer is jailbreak iOS 10.3.1, then you should know that PanGu hasn’t released iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak yet. And there isn’t any guarantee that the PanGu team would release such tool in the future.

If there is any performance issues with iOS 11, you can downgrade to iOS 10.3.2 for that.


Update iOS 11.0.1: Its confirmed by Apple that iOS 11 was having some issue related to voice call noise and battery issues. So, iOS 11 was replaced by iOS 11.0.1 with OTA update.

Update iOS 11.1: The newest update released by Apple to the developers. Now, the developers have new beta of iOS 11.1. If you’re early adopter of iOS 11.1 and don’t like iOS 11.1, you can downgrade iOS 11.1 right now.

Anyway, please share your concern in the comment section and I’d be there to help you.

Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:33 am

How to Install Bobby MovieBox iOS 12.2 Without Jailbreak on iPhone

Download Bobby MovieBox without Jailbreak iPhone…

After installing iOS 11 on iPhone, you may prepare list of apps that you were using on your iOS 10. Most of iOS 10 apps won’t work on iOS 11 due to compatibility issues. While iOS 11 has completely new file system, some apps are not working properly.

Today, I’m gonna show you some instructions installing Bobby MovieBox. You may aware of MovieBox is out of Apple App Store and thus its not working on iPhone, iPad running iOS 11. Thus, users get another option of Bobby MovieBox as replacement to original app.

After some tweaking, BMB got the listing in the app store. Somehow, if you’re not able to download this app from App Store, here are some ways that can be applied to download and install MovieBox alternative that is also known as BMB for iPhone.

The new app is compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on latest version of iOS 11.

Bobby MovieBox Compatible devices:

  • iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone SEO
  • iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation

Compatible iOS firmware

  • iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11
  • iOS 10.3.3, iOS 10.3.2, iOS 10.3.1
  • iOS 9.3.5, iOS 9.3.3

How to Download Bobby MovieBox iOS 11

These type of third party apps give many issues while installing from App Store. Most of the time, device maker company removes these apps and then app maker makes adjustment to the app according to the rules and come back to store after some times.

Meanwhile when the app is not available on app store, you can download these apps manually. Below I’m showcasing how you can download Bobby MovieBox from third party apps for iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

When I’m talking that you can install it without jailbreak, then you should understand that it won’t be so easily to install them such as from Cydia. You may be required to download Bobby MovieBox iPA file if you’re using iPhone or even APK if you’re having any Android device such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung or Nokia devices.

  1. If you’re using iPhone or iPad that run on IOS platform, you can download and install iOSEmulatorSpot, TutuApp or vShare for easiest way, because these apps won’t you ask for any difficult task to do. These apps would easily install whatever app we select from their database. Here, we’d install Bobby Movie Box app for iPhone using one of these apps.
  2. Second way is, Cydia Impactor using Computer. You can use this app to install Bobby MovieBox on your iPhone without any issue. To do this, you must have computer, Cydia impactor app and Bobby Movie Box iPA file.
  3. Third way is, you can directly download iPA file and install it manually using iPA installer.

If I’d try to install this app, I’d use the first trick to install because its easy and don’t require computer or jailbreak to download MovieBox manually or install by adding any source.

Plus, the chances of working or this app would be increased as it is being installed using third party apps and not using App Store.

If Bobby MovieBox not working, please comment below…

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GBA4iOS not working? Download GBA Emulator iOS 12.2 for free Without Jailbreak

How to Download GBA4iOS iOS 12.1.1 to iPhone or iPad Pro or any other favorite device that run on Android or iOS to play Games using game boy advance emulator.

If you’ve the latest released firmware which is iOS 12.1.1 and can’t run or play games using GBA4iOS emulator, then you’re not alone.

There are many other users who are getting GBA4iOS 12.1.1 could not be installed at this time error or some other ways GBA4iOS not working on their devices.

Is it the end of iPhone Gameboy Advance Emulator or we can fix the issue? Let’s see what we can do. In most cases, the users are adopting wrong way to download GBA4iOS.

If you choose the right way or correct method to install GBA games, you won’t get any error and you won’t face GBA not working issue whether you’ve iOS or Android platform.

It’s not related to firmware change. Yeah, it may be possible that if you’ve jailbroken firmware, you would easily download and install GBA4iOS while without jailbreak it may be difficult, but there is some way at least.

So, jailbreak is better, if there is. I’d recommend to jailbreak iOS 12.1.1 If there is any tool available to jailbreak and install Cydia and if there isn’t any tool available, you can try downloading GBA4iOS without jailbreak using vShare or iEmulators.

We’d come out with detailed article where we’d try to show you how to download this beautiful iPhone game emulator which can be download and install on iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air too even you can play GBA4iOS games on iPod Touch too on the go.

Note: Don’t try to install Cydia to run GBA4iOS using OpenAPPMKT or iNoCydia.

Smart Tips

Yeah, there are GBA4iOS alternatives which are NDS4iOS and you can consider Emu4iOS 11. Furthermore, SNES4iOS is also the best game emulator for iPad and iPhone.

Update: GBA iOS 11 game emulator is ready and the developers are testing this new game emulator on new platform and it would landed for iOS 11 very soon. But before that, we can notice GBA4iOS iOS 11 as a part time emulator.

Update: GBA Emulator iOS 11 is released with the support of Pokemon go, so you won’t need NDS4iOS 11 anyway to run Pokemon go without jailbreak.

Update for iOS 11: GBA4iOS 11 available and it works without any trick or hacks. You can play Pokemon Go 11 and other games on this Game Boy Emulator. You won’t need to download iEmulators iOS 11 to make it work.

iOS 11.0.2: According to Apple, this version is most updated and bundle of bug fixes. Now, the operating system works better for third party apps such as GBA iOS 11.0.2.

GBA iOS 11.1: We recently conduct a demonstration that was done on iOS 11.1 beta 2 with the combination of GBA4iOS iOS 11.1. It proves this game emulator works on latest beta version too and without jailbreak. If GBA not working on your iPhone, once comment below.

iGBA iOS 12.1.4: The improved version of this app has been released with great updates. I’d post a new article demonstrating whole process of downloading iGBA and installing on your iPhone X even without Jailbreak iOS 12.1.4.

Comments are open, if you’ve query, just post it.

Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:33 am

iOS 11.0.3 – iOS 11.0.4 Jailbreak: Luca is Close to Safari Browser Based Yalu11

Jailbreak iOS 11.0.3 – 11.0.4 may be possible for iPhone 8 and iPhone X….

There’s some good news for jailbreak community. Italian jailbreak maker, Luca Todesco, Yalu creator has done a great job. He has discovered Safari based exploit that can be converted into working untethered jailbreak that would be performed using Safari browser directly from your iPhone X or iPhone 8.

Luca is already very famous and he has released multiple jailbreak for iOS 10 in the past. He is popular with Yalu jailbreak tool with the combination of Cydia with the help of Saurik. Recently, Luca has achieved Root access using Safari exploit.

To get Root access, Luca has to manage WebKit exploit. He tweaked with the iOS platform using WebKit exploit that may lead to untethered Safari based Jailbreak iOS 11.0.3 or in the future for iOS 11.0.4.

Meanwhile, it may take some time too if the developer wish to release jailbreak iOS 11.1 for iPhone X, because iPhone X may come with iOS 11.1, so basically, it would take another series of iOS update to release iOS 11.1 jailbreak.

Jump to: iOS 11.0.1 is already out, whereas KeenLab, PanGu and Luca are still silent and there isn’t any update of releasing said jailbreak for iOS 11

You should know who is Todesco, if you’re not aware of this talented security researcher. Full name of this developer is, Luca Todesco and he is also known as Italian hacker. Luca is active in jailbreaking since almost one and half years. He released public jailbreak multiple times for iOS 10. His jailbreak tools are known as Yalu. Now he is making him active in jailbreak 11. Fortunately, Luca managed to achieve WebKit exploit that can be used to develop iOS 11 jailbreak in the future.

However, you shouldn’t be so excited because its not 100% work done and jailbreak iOS 11 ready at this stage. Luca has to work hard and he must use some other exploits in order to make safari based jailbreak either for iOS 11.0.1, 11.0.3 or iOS 11.0.4. He may take time to release jailbreak for iOS 11.1 to give support for iPhone X as I mentioned above.

Meanwhile, Luca had announced on Twitter that he won’t work on public jailbreak in the past, so its also creating confusion whether he would release public jailbreak or would prefer to sell those exploits and jailbreak to Apple or some private sellers.

Currently, its not possible to say or answer above question because there are bunch of bug bounty programs out there. The most programs are offered by Apple. In reward, Apple recruit the applier a job at Apple.


iOS 11.0.3: iOS 11.0.1 may get a quick fix via iOS 11.0.3. Apple made a big mistake releasing iOS 11.0.1 without any deep testing as it creates more problems than fixing old one.

iOS 11.0.4: Apple has planned to add few new features to iOS 11.0.4. The initial releases were focusing on bug fixes. Now, iOS 11.0.4 can be release with new features and performance enhancements.

While in other reward, Apple gives a huge money. So, its really very important to see whether Luca releases safari based iOS 11 jailbreak publicly for free or choose the way to earn some money.

What you say?

Updated: May 17, 2019 — 8:33 am