How to Import Audio from Files to Audiobooks to iPhone

The iPhone is a mini computer where we can perform various tasks. You can download MP3 in Audiobooks and import them to iPhone. Once you’ve downloaded Audiobooks mp3 files, you can easily transfer them to the iPhone using Windows, Mac or other operating systems. However, it isn’t easy like Android devices, you need to take … Read more

How to See Message Requests on Instagram

Today, I’m gonna show you some ways How I see message requests on Instagram. If you’re using this social media platform, then you should also take a close look at steps. Open Instagram and log in. Open this link: “Message Requests“. Read, delete or block the sender. Done. If you don’t know what I’m talking … Read more

How to Add Music to Instagram Post

You may have seen many WhatsApp, FaceBook and Instagram status, Reel, Post or Stories only with one photo. Isn’t it boring? Yup, we always love to see status, reel or story with music and other customizations. Thus, many users add Music to Whatsapp status, Instagram posts and stories and also some do it for Facebook. … Read more