iOS 10.2 Jailbreak, OverSky, PanGu or TaiG

It seems like, we’d see Jailbreak iOS 10.2 for iPhone before iOS 10.2…

Apple patched another important exploit from iOS 10.2 and released iOS 10.2 which is known as pure security update. Apple Patched PPHelper completely with iOS 10.2. As, PanGu was the most trustable and working jailbreak with PPHelper and Cydia app, most of iPhone and iPad users have used it.

PPHelper for iOS 10.2 was available for all operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X with English language support. PPHelper brought first stable Cydia Eraser with PanGu jailbreak. However, iOS 10.2 jailbreak is not possible now because the key vulnerabilities have been patched successfully by Apple.

Apple has pushed iOS 10.2 firmware update for iPhone and iPad including iPod touch 5G and iPhone 4s which are not compatible to install iOS 10.2 which is gonna release in the upcoming months. As, iOS 10.2 is publicly out, users can download iOS 10.2 and install it on their iPhone over the air or via Apple Software Center.

Now, if you wanna jailbreak iOS 10.2 or you’re searching the best working tool to jailbreak 10.2, you need to watch OverSky iOS 10.2 jailbreak or PanGu iOS 10.2 PPHelper jailbreak tool because Luca Todesco would never release public jbreak.

Apple’s first and priority focus is to prevent iOS 10.2 jailbreak and thus they’ve released iOS 10.2 as well as iOS 10.2 with the patch version of those exploits and we can see iOS 9.4 before iOS 10.2 to make it more protective. However, it’s not completely impossible to see iOS 10.2 jailbreak untether because OverSky has successfully achieved untethered jailbreak which is based on recently released iOS 10.2.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for PanGu 10.2 and thinking that PPHelper 10.2 tool would be released by PanGu iOS 10.2 jailbreak team, then you must focus on our blog which updates each and every jbreak updates exclusively first on our blog.

OverSky is looking another competitor for PanGu, but it’s totally beneficial for us as Cydia users because more competition in jbreak community would bring more frequent release. iOS 10.2 jailbreak has been achieved and now it’s completely depended OverSky that they release Flying iOS 10.2 jailbreak or not.

At last, TaiG is completely failed to discover new things in these firmware and we’re sure that they’ve focused on iOS 10.2 where new things and new opportunities may come.

Till then, stay on iOS 10.2 jailbreak if you don’t wanna lose your jailbroken firmware and don’t upgrade to iOS 10.2. If you’ve upgraded to iOS 10.2, then downgrade iOS 10.2 to iOS 10.2 immediately to prevent chance of jailbreaking iOS 10.2.

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  1. John says:

    Please do a PP Jailbreak for iOS 10.2 Please

  2. Dahom says:

    Please we want jailbreak ios 10.2

  3. Ronald says:

    It’s something like I’m in the days of iPhone 8 and not iPhone 7 Plus. it’s really interesting to see this jailbreak update. I’m also curious to see PanGu 10.2 but not now. Please release untethered jbreak 10.2 instead of iOS 10.2 please.

  4. Sameer says:

    It’s not working

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