NightMode, Tatton, PwnTunes Updated for iOS 13.5 for iPhone, iPad

NightMode iOS 13.5, PwnTunes and Tatton released…

iOS 13.5 jailbreak works without any bug and recently many Cydia tweaks updated for iOS 13.5. PwnTunes, Tatton and NightMode Cydia tweak recently updated for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone for the latest firmware jailbreak.

If you’re jailbreak pro user and wanna use your jailbreak for the best use of your iPhone or iPad, there are couple of Cydia tweaks you should install on. Yeah, there are couple of stuff out there for your iPhone to speed up and saves your time and battery life.

I’d like to start with Tatton Cydia tweak. It’s new and best alternative¬†for NoSlowAnimations and other one which is known as SpeedIntensifier. Tatton iOS 13.5 is better tweak because it offers far better features than Speed Intensifier and NoSlowAnimations and it’s free too.

You just need to head to Cydia app where you find BigBoss repo which is one of the best default Cydia sources where you need to search Tatton Cydia hack and install it. Once Tatton installed on your iPhone or iPad, you’re ready to speed up your device that would save your battery life. In some cases, I’ve seen 13.5 days of battery life which device uses Tatton Cydia tweak.

Anyway come to NightMode iOS 13.5. NightMode9 also saves battery life by serving night mode to the device. Yeah, NightMode tweak is best if you use your device at night time more than day time. I personally use my iPhone at night for surfing the web more than day time. And, still getting 6 days of battery life with 12 hours of WiFi usage. So, you should look NightMode Cydia tweak to get best battery life.

At last, I’m excited to talk about PwnTunes iOS 13.5 which is reason to jailbreak for may users. Yeah, PwnTunes Cydia tweak brings a way to manage your iPhone or iPad files without iTunes or any other alternative software such as iFunBox, SynciOS or iTools.

Yeah, if you wanna transfer photos, videos or even music from iPhone to any computer or device without iTunes, you should download PwnTunes and install on your device. I must say, this is the tweak that would force you to jailbreak.

I personally using NightMode, PwnTunes and Tatton tweaks on my iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone using iOS 13.5 jailbreak. I’ve my own experience, you can ask me any questions about these tweaks.

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  1. Pwntunes, NightMode and Tatton Cydia tweak. I think all of these tweaks are completely different from each other. And, I personally installed two of them on my iPhone whenever I jailbroken my iPhone.

    NightMode is something that’s related to night usage which is really great because it saves battery and at the same time, you won’t loss your mind or eyes.

    Whereas Pwntunes is something different and it is also good tweak. I’ve used it on iOS 7, but later on, I never install this Cydia tweak. So, I would recommend at least NightMode if you don’t have latest device that have Night Shift mode feature.

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