There Won’t be New iPhone SE 2017, iPhone 7SE or 6SE at All

New iPhone SE 2017…

A Chinese security firm, KGI Securities has published a report about upcoming iPhoneSE 2017 and according to their report, there won’t be any refreshed and new iPhoneSE 2017 for any model, you should not expect iPhone 6SE, 7SE or 5SE next year in 2017.

There are bunch news about Apple coming since this week. A report claims, Apple is forcing various iPhone parts maker to reduce their prices so that Apple can keep their price lower in the high competition with various companies.

These reports are clear proof that iPhone SE maker company is now afraid of various Chinese and Korean companies who are taking over smartphone market so quickly. As we’ve noted that Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung has achieved a great smartphone market cap during 2016 and the competition would become more competitive during the year 2017.

Kuo says Apple isn’t expected to unveil the refreshed 2017 iPhone SE. According to their note, it’s clear that iPhone 7 may found competition from this smaller screen Apple phone if their release it in 2017. To avoid competition from their own brand, company want to avoid iPhone 7SE, 6SE or any new iPhone SE 2017 model at least not before 2018.

According to KGI, Apple is facing low earning during 2016 and it may continue in 2017 too because iPhone 7 is really costly because of high price spare parts and it would be really difficult for Apple to keep iPhone 7 price lower because of new iPhone SE release in 2017.

iPhone SE 2017

iPhone 7 spare part cost is too high and the cost that Apple bears is around $219 according to KGI report. The security firm doesn’t find iPhone 6SE, 7SE or 8SE anywhere in the upcoming year 2017. But yes, Apple may refresh SE line up with new iPhone SE 2018 in the upcoming new year.

People also won’t afford to purchase any iPhoneSE where they’re expecting iPhone6SE or iPhone7SE in the first place.

In such conditions, would you purchase iPhone SE 2017???


  1. Peter James says:

    Apple has a great challenge to bring complete new and brand-new iPhone 8 because if you’re going to change anything on iPhone7, I mean there is very rare chance to bring new features to iPhone 7 with the code name of iPhone8,
    It’s completely impossible

  2. Ellen says:

    It’s really impossible to see any iPhone 7 SE update because there is a lot of improvements coming on iPhone 8 and if you’re talking about iPhone 8SE, that is something which is not possible

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