6 Must Have Jailbreak Tweaks iOS 11.1.2

Top 6 Best iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone…

This week again, there are some solid new Cydia tweaks out there on jailbreak app store that can be checked out. Few of them are older but got updated with the new features as well.

If you’ve downloaded Yalu, then you should not worry about anything because of its compatible for installing these jailbreak tweaks on your iPhone without any worry.

And these tweaks are compatible with iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPhone, so that’s how no worry for compatibility issues too.

According to us, we think there are some new stuffs that can be tried and you should look for if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad just because of getting new things on your iPhone or iPad. This would take your iPhone to the next level.


First, I’d say Kaze Cydia tweak is made available on BigBoss repo as completely free tweak. It is developed in focus for app switcher that can be accessed via Hot Corner. Kaze iOS 11.1.2 brings couple of options for your iPhone by accessing hot corners. Check out below screenshot of Kaze tweak from Settings app.


I recommend to try Sensible Cydia tweak for once for your iPhone. I like FinterTouch and Sensible jailbreak tweaks and I personally prefer these tweaks for my own use that build up dedicated to Touch ID functions to make it for powerful.

When you check out above screenshot, you’d know what I’m talking about. Sensible iOS 11.1.2 power up home button with many features. You can use it for single tap, double tap, triple touch, hold and single touch and hold. At the same time, you can protect Control center too via settings app. Sensible tweak is so powerful that I recommend it to have on your iPhone.


One out of two users is complaining these days about iPhone battery life just because of heavy iOS 11.1.2 interface. If you’re also one of them and wanna increase iOS 11.1.2 battery life, then there is a tweak known as BatteryLife on BigBoss repo that is completely free for life time, you should try it once.

It would give you clear stats about your battery consumption and you can take action accordingly. It shows so many important details.


After jailbreaking I installed Sensible, BatteryLife and Onion Cydia tweaks first. These jailbreak tweaks give me maximum benefit that I was expected from Cydia store. Onion iOS 11.1.2 feels colors in Control center and you can see how beautiful control center looks after installing Onion Cydia tweak.


If you’re missing some important announcements or notifications, you should install EyePlugs Cydia tweak that gives you clear alert for each of important notifications that you won’t miss out.


ReformX iOS 11.1.2 would help you customize iOS interface according to your choice. RefromX Cydia tweak is also free on BigBoss that I’d recommend to install on your iPhone or iPad if you’re pro users. You can customize home screen at maximum level after installing ReformX tweak.

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