MovieHD iOS 11.2: Try New Interface on iPhone Without Jailbreak

The latest version of MovieHD has hit the web for iPhone, iPad…

Users who haven’t tried this app before I must say that this is golden opportunity to install this app without jailbreak because before it wasn’t possible at all to install MovieHD without jailbreak, but now after having iOS 11, you’re actually able to download and install this tweak on your iPhone running latest firmware update.

If you’re not aware of MovieHD, I have to explain couple of things here. You may have used MovieBox, Bobby MovieBox, ShowBox or PlayBox in the past, Movie HD is nothing but the very much newer alternative to all of those apps.

MovieHD has all new features set for iOS 11. The internal settings and configuration have been changed accordingly. Due to new compliance issue, the developers have to restructure the app completely.

You may use your computer to download and install this app on your iPhone with the help of data cable, Cydia Impactor along with computer that have iTunes installed. Now, if you don’t have any computer or iTunes installed, you can follow the trick that I’m gonna mention below.

You can follow below steps to download MovieHD iOS 11 without jailbreak iPhone…

Note: This tweak doesn’t require any computer, iTunes or MovieHD iPA at all. This method requires third party app.

  1. So, first of all you need to decide whether you’d use vShare, TutuApp, 25PP, iPhoneCake, Kuaiyong. There are other options also available such as Cyrus Installer and iNoCydia. But, I’d recommend any one out of these apps and if you can manage to use vShare or Tutu App to install MovieHD, then it would be best.
  2. After installing any one app, open that app and search MovieHD on it’s database.
  3. Once you found, tap install button and complete installation.
  4. Check the app is working or not.

If MovieHD not working or TutuApp won’t install apps, you can comment below. I’ve attached all the download in the post.

Note: If you’d use computer, you can use Xcode too, If you’re developer. Using Xcode, you won’t require to install iTunes or Cydia Impactor at all.


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