Moove iOS 13.5: Now Shake Your iPhone to Kill Apps, Music

Moove iOS 13.5: Now Shake Your iPhone to Kill Apps, Music on iPhone

Yesterday, there was a unique and most advanced Cydia tweak was released known as “Moove“.

Moove Cydia tweak is a movement based jailbreak app which can be installed on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air. However, iPhone is the best device to use Moove app.

Moove is created by H3xept, who has hosted this tweak on BigBoss repo source. This was the first update of the tweak for iOS 13.5 which would have some great features in the next update.

Currently, it supports various tasks including killing apps at various occasions and tasks. Just move your iPhone to the right to left or left to right and close apps or the particular active tweak.

Once you installed Moove Cydia tweak, you can enable or disable various features and tasks of the app. You can enable or disable this tweak specially when you’re listening music. It means, your music app won’t closed with other opened apps.

Suppose, there are couple of your favorite apps or tweaks, you wanna remain them active, you can add those tweak in Moove’s settings in the BlackList section. The apps which are added in BlackList won’t close on moving your iPhone.

There is a bad part. Suppose, you’re working on some of the most important task without saving most current version of your work and if by mistake you moved your iPhone, that app would be closed automatically.

This is how, you can loss your important unsaved work. However, you can add that such important apps in blacklist of the Moove app, so that it won’t be closed by moving by accident.

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  1. Moove iOS 13.5!

    1. Moove iOS 13.5 is not available because the latest version was released for iOS 9.1 jailbreak.

  2. Moove is paid version. I need cracked version. For a single purpose tweak, i don’t wanna pay anything.

  3. Moove Cydia tweak is only the tweak which is available and works with the movement. I wanna share one thing with you all guys.

    I always make fool to my brother in low by saying that we can start camera just by moving our iPhone and start voice recording by movement of our iPhone.
    I never imagine that this would come true one day with Moove. Currently, moove cydia tweak allows killing apps, but i’m sure in the future the developer would bring a lot of features such as video recording, voice recording, sending sms and receiving phone calls.

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