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Lucky Patcher is used to hack in app purchases for free without Cydia…

A long while ago, Apple introduced free in app purchases as well as paid too. The idea was to offer free games, apps and other stuff and to make them paid, Apple has idea of paid in app purchases.

The same time jailbreak was also came to the iOS and then Cydia installer. There were couple of Cydia tweaks at that time that offers free in app purchases whether the in app purchases are paid.

Android platform has followed the same pattern and introduced premium games and apps completely free for some stage and if you wanna play more stages, you need to purchase in app purchases. Luckily, there are also some apps that hack in app purchases.

Lucky Patcher was one of them that allows users to get free in app purchases but without any help of Cydia and so called jailbreak apps. Now, it’s interesting to see that Lucky Patcher would work without jailbreak or not.

Personally, we never tried Lucky Patcher, but because it’s in the trend we thought to inform you about new things. To download Lucky Patcher, the users need to head directly on their dedicated website which can be accessed by googling about Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher Alternative

For iPhone and iPad, you can use some alternatives for Luck Patcher which may allow you free in app purchases. But, you can’t install them if you don’t have Cydia installer on your iPhone.

So, try LocaliAPStore or iAP Cracker on your iPhone and yeah, iAPFree can be installed if all other apps are not working.

Bottom Line

As I mentioned above, I never tried any of these Cydia tweaks or Android apps to get free in app purchases and this is not fair too. You can easily get your favorite in app purchase for couple of cent or dollars so why we hack in app purchases for cheap.

I like Pokemon Go iOS 11.1.2 in app purchases, I purchased them officially by paying fees, simple. If you’ve ever got in app purchases for free, leave a comment below and share your experience…

Jailbreak Apps

  1. Jenny says:

    Why be nasty it’s you fucking idiots that don’t know how to use these apps properly I use lucky patches so far out of 20 games only 2 it would not work on I also use freedom that’s another good 0ne but the best by far is uret patches you need to follow the guides you fucking morons then they do work

  2. mlmock says:

    No, there are no inapp sources for iOS that will work without cydia unfortunately. Tweakbox is the closest you’ll get as of today. I’m having a lot of fun with LuckyPatcher though. Nowhere near as complicated as the files to keep you broke or where your at in your games😉

  3. Unknown says:

    Fuck You

  4. Andre says:

    Eu quero um lucky patcher para ios por favor

  5. Theashole says:

    Fucking web

  6. Feguens says:

    How does this fucken work

  7. Lady T says:

    Ios11.1.2.1 help?

  8. Lucky Patcher says:

    Thanks for this post also cool site,

  9. Anonymous says:

    Piece of shit you motherfucker son of a bitch

  10. Rajesh Patel says:

    I like Lucky Patcher because these type of applications are quick shortcut to get something pricy. Take example of some paid in app purchases on Android as I’m using Android 7 device right now and I need to use LuckyPatcher Pro on my mobile to download and install those paid in app purchases. This way, Lucky Patcher can be useful for iOS also if it’s available through jailbreak and Cydia.

  11. mimimimi says:

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  12. Дарья Галамай says:

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  14. Anonymous says:

    It is work this is awesome

  15. Anonymous says:

    Do you do a Fifa 17 mobile version

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is a piece of shit

  17. Jeebs says:

    Plz give me an iPhone version of lucky patcher on iOS 11.1.2

  18. Ayden Allen says:

    Give me gems

  19. Jon says:

    Help How do I do it!!???

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      Which device have you?
      If you’ve Android device, you’ve better option to root your Samsung Galaxy, Redmi, Lenovo or any other Android powered device and download Lucky Patcher APK on your Android device.
      That’s it.
      Run an installer and you’re done.

    • Altaf Bashir says:

      I have iOS what to do .Send me link

      • Ronald says:

        I also tried searching Lucky Patcher on Cydia sources, but I couldn’t found it. Is there any alternative for iOS? I don’t have Android APK to test

  20. Markoz :) says:

    How the fuck do I use this shit

  21. XIRBMERIX says:

    Give me gems

    • Anonymous says:

      Root is like jail breaking except in android it is pretty easy to do just go to a browser like Google and type in king root and download that then click the button that says to root and wait few minutes and there u go

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      You need Gems?

  22. Brian Chiem says:

    Someone please update the article for Samsung Galaxy device because it has Android software. I’m asked for Root access and believe me that I don’t know what exactly Root is!
    Please show me the way to download Lucky patcher for Samsung galaxy with Root access. I’d be more than happy and would be regular contributor on this blog in the future.

    • Joseph Coleman says:

      Let me explain, Root is just similar to jailbreak. Lucky Patcher is closely work like other in app purchases you can found on iPhone using Cydia tweaks. Lucky Patcher APK is too popular for Android devices and many users using it without any issue.

      According to my knowledge, you need to root Samsung Galaxy, as Lucky Patcher Android version would need full permission which can be achieved only on Root device.

      I don’t recommend to do so, because many free games available containing free in app purchases as well. In this case, you can continue with Lucky Patcher download without Root and verify that does it work or not first.

      Report, here and I’d look into it.

  23. UAE says:

    Can anyone post Cydia sources for Lucky patcher please

  24. Moloco 2004 says:

    Jvb vb

  25. Leighann Gonsoulin   says:

    that is cool

  26. Anonymous says:

    Great thing! I was just about to search best in app purchase game and found that Pokemon Go iOS 11.1.2 is one of them. Thanks anyway

  27. Anonymous says:

    Which is the best free in app purchases Cydia tweak?

  28. Brian Chiem says:

    Pokemon Go iOS 11.1.2 has free in app purchases so you don’t need to purchase or crack them anyway. If you wanna get in app purchases for free, you should search a better game or app that have paid inapp purchases that can be hacked using Cydia.

    • Joseph Silva says:

      Why not, I like Pokemon Go which is widely used in the world and I forget using it and I should search better game just for paid in app purchase! Pathetic.

      Lucky Patcher looks good hack for in app purchases and you won’t need Cydia as well which is also good.

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