100 Best Cydia App Store Downloads for iOS 13.5 Jailbreak

PanGu Jailbreak iOS 13.5 released for iPhone, iPad and here is the Cydia stuff for you…

I’m in jailbreaking since four years but this time, I waited almost a year for a PanGu jailbreak for iOS 13.5. Meanwhile bunch of sources, apps and Cydia tweaks have been upgraded and even hundreds of apps have been released for iPhone and iPad.

PanGu is the Chinese team who came handy and released semi-untethered jbreak for iOS 13.5 which works on Mac, Windows and Linux with the help of Cydia Impactor and substrate which have also been upgraded to the latest version.

Because this jailbreak iOS 13.5 was released very late, we all have jailbroken iPhone and other device that are compatible and now searching the new updates which are compatible with Cydia iOS 13.5.

You may also have tried PanGu jailbreak apps which comes by default, but you may have your own set of Cydia tweaks which you want to try. To make everything easy and smooth, we’ve published an ultimate article which contains the best Cydia Sources, Cydia tweaks, Jailbreak Apps and other important guidelines about iOS 13.5 jailbreak or Apple iOS 13.5 update.

As Apple started to test iOS 13.5, it’s really hard to say about iOS 13.5. But the good news is, PanGu have find out the solution of iOS 13.5 jailbreak and it was demoed on YouTube last month. It’s really good news for our community users.

I found users asking downgrade iOS 13.5 to iOS 13.5 because the beta features have attract them a lot toward iOS 13.5 and they’ve trapped into cage of iOS 13.5. Don’t worry because you can downgrade to iOS 13.5 very easily.

But fortunately, you’ve used PanGu iOS 13.5 jailbreak, you’re free to use Cydia apps that you love most. Below are couple of tweaks that you can try…

Best Cydia Apps, tweaks and jailbreak Sources for iOS 13.5

Below are the sections which are divided separately, you can use them to get your best Cydia App Store download…

Best Cydia SourcesĀ 

  • BigBoss Repo: No doubt that we all use BigBoss to install free jailbreak apps as well as paid Cydia tweaks too. It’s one of the largest repo source which got popular because Saurik has added it as default Cydia source. You can found 2/3 new tweaks which are combination of paid and free apps. Couple of most popular jailbreak apps can be found on this repo source such as Activator, Springtomize and Winterboard iOS 13.5.
  • ModMyi Repo: It doesn’t need any clarification because ModMyi is also the same as BigBoss repo. You can found similar things but different Cydia apps on ModMyi repo also. Don’t remove this repo source ever.
  • HackYouriPhone: You can add HackYouriPhone repo if you need free version of paid Cydia tweaks in case you wanna try them out as trial. But, they provide cracked apps, so we recommend to purchase genuine version if you like the app after trial. So, HackYouriPhone repo can be added for that purpose.
  • BiteYourApple Repo: BiteYourApple is also the same as HackYouriPhone which also offers free Cydia tweaks. If there is any tweak which is not available on HackYOuriPhone, you can add BiteYourApple Cydia source and search it, most probably you’d found it there. It has large number of iOS 13.5 updated tweaks.
  • AppVV: They have created bunch of jailbreak apps such as vShare, AppiShare and vShare Pro as well as Helper app for Mac and Windows to fix vShare from crashing and a lot more. This repo is useful if you want to get free in app purchases of game hacks such as Pokemon Go.
  • xSellize repo: This is also very popular and best Cydia source, you can search the apps which they host for free.

Best Cydia Apps

  • Winterboard iOS 13.5: I use Winterboard to test new Cydia themes specially after jailbreak iOS 13.5 like new firmware. I never found Winterboard not working issue, because it’s developed by Saurik who is developer of Cydia and often update it as early as possible after jbreak come out. Most of and even all the Winterboard themes are free so you can download them for your iPhone or iPad for free.
  • Activator iOS 13.5: I use Activator to use various gestures which I don’t get from Official Apple firmware. I can put my iPhone into sleep mode just by taping on the screen element or access control center just by hitting any area of my iPhone screen. In short, Activator iOS 13.5 is one of the best Cydia apps which bring new functions to iPhone.
  • Alkaline iOS 13.5: If Winterboard not working and still you want to use some themes to your iPhone, Alkaline Cydia tweak is important in these cases. Alkaline iOS 13.5 can be a great status bar modifier Cydia tweak which is available for free on App Store.
  • Cylinder iOS 13.5 or Barrel iOS 13.5: Both of above listed Cydia tweaks are dedicated to page scrolling effects. I was jealous to my friends who have Android device that have cool page scrolling effects. But now, they’re asking me to give the secret of some awesome page scrolling animations used on my iPhone just because Barrel Cydia tweak. As Barrel Cydia app is paid, you can try Cylinder Cydia tweak without any issue.
  • BioProtect iOS 13.5: I’ve iPhone 6S on which I always try two Cydia tweaks one is BioProtect and second is VirtualHome iOS 13.5. Virtual Home and BioProtect Cydia tweaks are useful for those users who don’t wanna press home button to get their desired operations.
  • CCloader iOS 13.5: CCloader Cydia tweak is one of the most popular jailbreak apps for iOS 13.5 iPhone device. It brings bunch of functions dedicated to control center. You can consider CCloader as best Control Center Cydia tweaks as well.
  • BytaFont iOS 13.5: You can new fonts as well as font design on your iPad or iPhone using BytaFont Cydia app. It brings fonts to your iPhone after jailbreaking.
  • iFile iOS 13.5: We’ve published detailed article on iFile Cydia tweak that contains all the cheat codes and usage tricks which you won’t found on anywhere else. You can’t download iFile without jailbreak so make sure that you’re on iOS 13.5 jailbreak.
  • Flux or F.lux iOS 13.5: Both the name redirect to one Cydia app that is really very excited and popular jailbreak apps. You can’t found Flux tweak on regular repo source because it’s available for free on beta repo which is hosted by their developer.
  • CallBar iOS 13.5: While I’m on jailbreak iOS 13.5 device, I always love to test CallBar Cydia tweak. You can pick up calls, attend any calls, SMS while working on any iPhone app or project without exit from it. CallBar is one tweak that I really miss without jailbreak.
  • Weatherboard iOS 13.5: I just love Weatherboard and once you’d try it after installing PanGu app, you’d also fall in love with Weatherboard. It’s available on HackYouriPhone for free which can be purchased from BigBoss as genuine tweak.
  • IntelliScreenX iOS 13.5: If you’re missing lockscreen tweaks or dedicated notification center Cydia tweaks, then try IntelliScreenX which is one of the most popular lock screen Cydia tweak which brings a lot of exciting features to your iPhone for lockscreen and notification center.
  • Springtomize iOS 13.5: I’d suggest to download Springtomize iOS 13.5 if you don’t want to install bunch of Cydia tweaks. It contains list of features which need almost 12 different jailbreak apps in order to get those features and functionalities. You can get Springtomize 4 via HackYouriPhone for free.
  • MyWi iOS 13.5: It’s one for all WiFi needs. You can download MyWi free edition from HackYouriPhone for free. MyWi brings some very excited WiFi features for your jailbreak iOS 13.5 device.

I tried to cover almost all the popular Cydia apps which can be tried for your iPhone, however if I’m missing some Cydia tweaks that you really love, just post a comment naming the tweak and we’d bring that for your iPhone or iPad.


  1. iOS 13.5 released, have you anything related to it? I have one request, can you add some tweaks dedicated to iOS 13.5? I mean I want jailbreak apps that bring iOS 13.5 features. I want iOS 13.5 control center, notification center and lockScreen on my iOS 13.5
    can you do that?

  2. I like this jailbreak apps list. Please add PokeGo++, Pokemon Lock, PokemonGoAnywhere cydia tweaks in the list of your best applications. This would complete your list because most of users are playing pokemon nowadays

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