Kuaiyong iOS: Download and Install Cracked Apps for Free on iPhone or iPad

Kuaiyong iOS 13.5: Download and Install Cracked Apps for Free on iPhone or iPad

Kuaiyong supports Mac OS X, Windows PC and they have their separate jailbreak app for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

As per the developer’s claim, users can install Kuaiyong without jailbreak on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However, you wouldn’t install cracked apps or full version of paid apps using Kuaiyong.

We couldn’t understand why Kuaiyong developers claim that it can be installed without jailbreak when without jailbreak, kuaiyong can’t install cracked apps. It works for installing free apps that can be done easily using appstore. We couldn’t understand the logic.

The Kuaiyong developers claim that iPhone users can install iPA files without Jailbreak, how? We don’t know.

Kuaiyong Alternatives: If you’ve jailbroken iDevice, better to try alternatives. AppCake, vShare and AppAddict are best alternatives. Try iFunBox, if not jailbroken.

iPhone version of the app would requires AppSync to be installed and without jailbreaking, you can’t install AppSync. So, the claim looks fake in the first place.

One more downside, the Kuaiyong is only available in Chinese. The developers are working to make it work in English, but they are working since last one year, still there is Chinese version.

We suggest to try alternatives…

Update: iOS 13.5 is released as beta version which can handle vShare and other kuaiyong alternatives which are available in English version. We’ve found that AppAddict, vShare Pro and 25PP are working without jailbreak. These are very close alternative to Kuaiyong.

All of these alternatives are in English language which doesn’t English translation and capable to install free apps without jailbreak iOS 13.5. But, if you’re jailbroken iOS 13.5, you shouldn’t upgrade to iOS 13.5, but these alternatives are good choice when you don’t have jailbreak and you’re on iOS 13.5.

If you’re in any kind of trouble, don’t forget to leave a single comment here about Kuaiyong and we’d try to solve it out as soon as possible.


  1. Ich mag gehrne kuaiyong dawanlod machen

  2. for the author of this article: u sayu don’t see
    the logic? well try it for yourself , it may disappoint you more than anyone else because it is working 13.50% I did install infinity blade 3, sf4, tekken x sf, shadowmatic and counting, u say those are free in the appstore? try it try it try it, that’s all I can say..and oh btw my I devices are not jailbroken , tested on my 4s 5, my friend ipad, i just updated with the latest firmware and heck its stil working

    1. Yeah, I think there are many other apps which are great and you should use those apps rather than kuaiyong
      what you say? Can you list up those alternatives?

  3. Kuaiyong is one of the great jailbreak app store that offers unlimited free and paid apps for free. It works on jailbroken device and if you don’t have jailbreak device, you can still install Kuaiyong on your iPhone or iPad.

  4. How to install ios13.5 in couldn be installed apps

    1. I’ve great advice for you. You can head to Mojo Installer where you would notice some repos there which has two app store for cracked apps. First is for Kuaiyong and another one is HipStore.

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